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The level of creativity gets increased when you play Minecraft

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  • Jan 27, 2021

Every individual on this planet have different neural structure and they think very much different from other individual. There are n numbers of ways to think very creative and one of the ways is to play videogames. It will lead you to maintain and develop some skills which you need to implement in your daily life. Under certain conditions video games are the things which foster creative freedom in yourself. The experimental study show that there are some good and positive effects of playing video games, watching TV show or playing a car race video game. This virtual reality sometimes give you a lesson and a learning that what you should do and improve in your daily lifestyle. Playing some type of video games can help you increase the creative juice in yourself, next time when you want to be more creative try playing different types of strategic game, the gameplay must be difficult at initial but by the time you will know that it literally increased the level of understanding in you. Many of the individuals are not aware of this game Minecraft. Minecraft induces your creativity level so as other strategic games.

Minecraft is being one of them. You will experience a virtual Lego world when you first play this game. This game sold more than 100 million of copies and it allows players to explore unique world and it can give access to you for an open world. Where you can build, buy anything you ever imagine. Study participants randomly assigned to play this game and tell their feedbacks how they experienced the game, what are the difficulties in it and how they overcome with that. The two groups were given some particular instruction. One group task is to receive instruction and was told to play as creative as possible in their own way.

After 40 minutes of playing and watching TV they were asked to draw a diagram or sketch of what they experienced in watching and playing. They were instructed to draw the most creative creature they thought of. More human like creature scored low for creativity and less human like structured were given more points on creativity. To be very creative it doesn’t mean that you should have limited your options and never think outside of the box. It is also possible that they utilizes all their creative juice while playing or watching and in the end they got nothing left when they told to draw something according to their knowledge and learning. The mind has different dimensions, directions and capabilities what we need is to make it use more and so it needs a lot of thinking. Games are basically a virtual map which trains our mind to do unexpected things and so we can be able to overcome our fear and so will achieve great heights.