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The Negative Effects of Shift Work:

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  • Jun 18, 2021

Most of the person, who constantly works in shifts, complains about having some medical issues in one or the other part of their body. Having a fixed routine acts as a component contributing towards a healthy lifestyle. The body needs a proper regulation of blood and oxygen flow to actively work at all hours of a day along proper sleep. If there is an extra load on our body, then it will not react properly and it brings long-lasting disease. Shift work and irregular work schedules restraints our mental growth due to several health-related issues causing huge effects on our body system. The defense system in our body is responsible to fight most of the bacteria which can affect our whole system very deeply. To fight against infection, a proper and healthy defense system is recommended and it only comes when you have a habit of eating healthy food, as founded by a research.

This study happened in the University Waterloo and scientist were putting lots of their effort to discover a way to protect us. This abnormal shift working regime is scattered in different regions and people are seriously surfing from it. Amongst many reasons of health-related issue, scientist believed that this happens due to body’s natural clock which is known as the circadian clock.   

Clock can be disturbed by conflicting changes in the rest and wake timetable and changing lifestyle patterns frequently brought about by shift work. To examine this, scientists at Waterloo built up a numerical model to take a gander at what a disturbance in the circadian clock means for the immune system in fending off sickness. Because our immune system is affected by the circadian clock, our ability to mount an immune response changes during the day," said Anita Layton, professor of applied mathematics, computer science, pharmacy, and biology at waterloo.