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The Ravn X is a 55000 pound drone for launching satellites

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  • Jan 27, 2021

This week a new invention was seen in the field of technology. A company named Aevum unveiled the Ravn X. This is a company which is situated in Alabama and they designed an advanced drone, to carry and launch satellites into outer space and it can be launched from any point of view. Drones these days are becoming very useful, important and an easier way to communicate and pass the information. Pilotless drones are very easy to use because they can be controlled using just a remote controller and drone will follow the commands of the man. The weight of the drone is approximately 55000 pounds when it is fully carried and is ready to take off, it is considered as one of the heaviest unmanned aircraft existing today and no pilot is there to give directions and to drive it. The weight of this machine is high and so it needs more energy and more power to be in air for maximum time period. The length of this unmanned drone is 18 feet tall, the best part of this aircraft is it has 16 feet of wingspan which helps in better aerodynamics. It has a great feature when we talk about the flight time, it nearly can be in air about 3 hours.

The Ravn X is completely different from other drones when it is compared in reference of weight and features, the design of this aircraft is very updated and the automated features makes it perfect drone. The system built in it mostly work on AI functions and it just need 1 mile on runway to get in the air which makes it more dimensional. The fuel which is used in the jet can be used in this aircraft. The traditional jet uses common fuel which is used in almost every jet and gives a heavy thrust to take off. When this drone comes at a desirable height, the 2 stage rocket is carrying drops from its belly, igniting in concerning 0.5 second. Eventually, Aevum says 95% of the launch vehicle are going to be reusable, if we concern about its production, 70% are often used once more. Once the Ravn X finishes a delivery it can make up to repeated launch and it just need very less time to regain its energy and so no. of flights are increased.

The award was given to Aevum by the government on achieving this prestigious height and now government has decided to give contracts totaling over $1 billion as well as the forthcoming ASLON-45 mission with the US Force. This new mission which is named as ASLON-45 is the first small launch of satellite and it will be done with the brand new Ravn X . Aevum says the Ravn X will be setting up new records and will set up a new paradigm of putting a rocket into a space. Since the approach of this drone is very much different from others it is totally autonomous and from now there are many companies who are planning to put up a drone in the industry and the virgin is one of them.