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Ultra-Sensitive Flow Meters:

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  • May 25, 2021

A team of scientists has recently developed a brand new technique and they have successfully developed the thinnest and most sensitive flow sensors which could have significant implications for medical research and applications. There are lots of new technologies emerging with time and hence flow sensors are one of them. Flow sensors are also known as flowmeters which are extremely special gadgets and are utilized to quantify the speed of fluid or gas stream or you can say it is a variation of the speedometer. The thought process behind believing and making these discoveries is to make a smooth and constant flow throughout the process. A team of scientist who belongs to the University of Massachusetts Amherst has developed the thinnest and exclusive flow sensors. This discovery was so great and unique of its kind that it has been published in online publishers named, nature communications. The research was very difficult to assist but a team of researchers involved Jinglie Ping, assistant professor of mechanical and industrial engineering along with a mechanical engineering Ph.D. student whose name is Xiao Zhang. Xiao Zhang made a few corrections like fabricating the sensors and made the measurement. The latest flow sensor which is developed by the Umass Amherst team is purely based on graphene which is a single layer of carbon atoms placed in a honeycomb lattice to pull in charge from the continuous aqueous flow. In the metabolism process, some things are yet to be studied in the finding that paves the way for future research on all electronic in vivo flow monitoring. The speed of biofluidic flow is a key physiological parameter but existing flow sensors are either considered bulky or less stable. The speed of biofluidic flow is a key physiological parameter.

The discoveries will change the whole picture of the healthcare industry. The investigation of the stream is a lot significant because it will help with understanding the system and interaction of stream meters that how they are being utilized it and how it ends up being an ideal component.