COVID-19 Impact on Pharmaceutical Packaging in Chemicals and Materials Industry

Unemployment Caused by Pandemic Compounds Crisis That was Well Under Way before Outbreak

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  • Nov 25, 2020


Many lost their jobs in the wake of COVID-19, worldwide lockdowns encourage heavy unemployment rates which results in risk of doing business and identified by business executives. More than 12,000 business leaders from 100+ countries were polled,  shows count of infectious disease increased from 28 places to second place since the world face an health emergency it breaks the backbone of many industries of tourism and retail industry.  The potential of fiscal crises remains high as it is the topic of concern and so it fells from first to third the main reason of this is because governments have to increase spending and borrowing to not break out the economy. SA lost more than 2 million jobs have a great count sadly in the second quarter that is the hardest period of lockdown, is compounding an economic crisis that was in control before outbreak.

Finance minister Tito Mboweni’s will be announcing medium term budget policy statement in which he plans to address fiscal crisis that is set up to push the budget of 2020 deficit to nearly 16% of GDP, The investors are eagerly waiting to rotate their wealth and money. The rising automation in industry will handle the further proceedings.

“Leaders have a great opportunity to create new jobs as we are countering this pandemic”. Regeneration and recreation is now full in demand to overcome the pandemic of markets of tomorrow. The study was conducted with global advisory firm Marsh & McLennan Companies, Zurich Insurance Group and South Korea’s SK Group. The origination of corona virus is the top 10 risk in every study because it is not seen before and now is the spotlight disaster and need to be cure as soon as possible except south Asia it is in top 10 risks of world. Other surveyed regions include East Asia and the Pacific, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, North America and Sub-Saharan Africa. The survey lists 30 risks, including terrorist attacks, extreme weather events and state collapse or crisis. The biggest worry is unemployment over the next 10 years for it sector, retailers and also for businesses around the globe and as corona virus is on top notch this is surveyed globally.

The rate of unemployment have gone up and this inclination was never seen before the reasons are lockdowns and also to combat coronavirus pandemic, the fear of coming this virus puts everyone in trouble and worse to come in countries which have furloughed workers. “The employment disruptions caused by the pandemic, rising automation and the transition to greener economies are fundamentally changing labour markets”.

The study reveals various risks which need to be monitored. In the emergence of this rising era of world there are 30 risks in total and the most worried topic is of course infectious diseases. The fourth and fifth biggest risk, the survey showed is Fiscal crises, cyber-attacks and profound social instability. The militant attacks fell but the agenda of climate change risk is on top. While economics dominates the list of risks, climate-related concerns gained more importance in 2020.  The biodiversity constantly decreasing and also the extinction of ocean life leads to increase in risk and now becomes a major topic to recover now. Businesses should advance their risk resilience strategies and result in decisive and impactful action to combat existential risks like climate change.

Recycling isn’t enough – The world’s plastic pollution crisis is only getting worse. Millions of tones of plastic waste could spill into the world’s rivers lakes and ocean and if this is not stopped it could result in polluting large water bodies by 2030 even if countries meet their commitments. To manage plastic wastes, nation first need to know what they have and where its coming from. 2019 was a big year for dire warnings about the state of the planet but crisis can spur solution.