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Volume knob in a brain that supports learning and memory

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  • Jan 27, 2021

Did it ever happened to you that you learn something and forget it after few time. The answer is absolutely yes, you are not alone. Almost every individual have this issue of not memorizing what they did. Like when you put your keys in a particular place and after that you don’t recognize and having a problem of memorizing where you put keys. The discovery could help in treatment of this neurological disorders. There is a molecular knob present in some area of brain and it helps in regulating electrical signals in the brains which is most helpful in learning and a good memory. The work of molecular knob is like it controls some neuro currents and make your mind understand that not to overthink. There are synapses between neurons which receives and send electrical signal. Now what happen is that, this volume knob helps in taking full control over these knobs and cannot allow access electrical signals. These electrical signals have its own width and so it is also controlled by this volume knob because the wide the width of electric current there are chances of getting problem at an instant.

This research was happened in national academy of science and it is considered to be very effective study and also the first study to learn about electric currents and the width of it. It also contributes to the process happening with synapses because it has a very crucial role in maintaining the bridge of data. A researcher from the science at Dartmouth of biological sciences who is an assistant professor said very clearly and it was also proved that synapses in our brain are highly dynamic and speak in a range of whispers and shouts, said by Micheal Hoppa who is mentioned above. At different synapses there are tiny contact points that allow neuron in the brain to communicate at different frequencies.

 The brain converts electrical inputs from the neurons into chemical neurotransmitter that travel across these synaptic spaces. Within the circuit of the brain the amount of neurotransmitter released changes the numbers and patterns of neuron activated and doing their own functioning. There are two functions which supports this whole system  and the processes of memory and learning. The one is known as facillation and it is a series of increasingly rapid spikes that amplifies the signals that change a synapses shape. The other is depression which reduces the signal. Together these two forms a plasticity and keep the brain in balance and prevent neurological disorder. Nowadays there are many things which directly hits our mind and we can go in depression within a second but to come out of it takes time. To regulate this there is a knob which is constantly working to control it. Synapses are maintaining this communication and helps to transfer it from one point to another.