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Water Purification System Originated by Using Hydrogels:

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  • Jun 18, 2021

Recently researchers have developed a few ways through which water purification can be easily done, just in a few steps. Removing heavy metal is a very challenging task and so researchers have developed an eco-friendlier way and through this, pure water can be easily achieved. When the water is not purified then it contains lots of elements such as dye and other pollutants and to remove them, we need high tech resources. One of those resources is filtering wastewater with a gel material that is extracted from plant cellulose and consecutively spiked with small carbon dots which are created in a microwave oven. This seems like a simple process in which all of the ingredients used are commonly found but you need to be very careful in this process of filtering the water and it should be done with the proper knowledge to get a better result. Researchers from KTH Royal institute technology worked on this research and they were able to develop this technology. Their report was published in the Journal Sustainable Materials and Technologies. In collaboration with Politecnico di Torino, they engineered a more sustainable technique for producing hydrogel composites.

It is a type of material that is widely studied and used for wastewater decontamination. Minna Hakkarainen who especially leads the division of polymer technology at KTH Royal Institute of technology actively says that hydrogels are rare materials and it has the ability to consume unwanted elements completely and hydrogels have a special ability which removes contaminants such as heavy metal ions, dyes and other common pollutants. If you use any other material rather than hydrogels, it will not be much effective.

The total amount of water present on the planet earth will never increase; rather it will only decrease because of the ever rising population as more the number of people on a planet, more the daily consumption of water. According to the statistics and data, water resources are on the verge of extinction. But, it is expected that these all lignocellulose hydrogels offer a promising sustainable solution to help ensure access to clean water. Clean water can be easily extracted. The hydrogel composites can be made from 100 percent lignocellulose or plant matter, which is the most abundant bio-source on Earth.