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Why there is sudden cardiac death?

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  • Jan 29, 2021

The simple cause of sudden cardiac death is the fluctuations in repeatedly heart rhythms and abnormal heart rates. According to a study which is held by few researchers, over 300,000 people die every year due to this dangerous problem of heart and families suffer a lot  because the treatment of this problem is very difficult and it will break your most of the fund. This dysfunctionality is called tachycardias which has a meaning so let us know few things about it. When there is not adequate pump of blood from the heart in body this happen and people can suddenly get heart attack or any kind of problem. This research was happened in a very hurry so scientist don’t have any options so they use mice to study the function happening due to this tachycardias and found there are intrinsic mechanism that is available in in heart tissue.

For example if you ever see a toy train, what is happened over there, so let me tell you it revolves around the circular path over and over again unless until any external force is not applied on it or the battery get automatically discharged. So like that, tachycardias is a heartbeat continuously activating the heart in a much repeated manner. The researchers found this tachycardia in the heart of mouse and started recording it. It is shown and detected that wave in one part of the heart is very much different to the waves which are flowing and another part of the heart.

They discovered the small changes in the cardiac waves that how the frequency is changing and it may lead to endless circulation or self-termination. These changes are observed by the scientist. It was recorded that the circulation of wave is happening at a specific pattern and particular time and speed. There was often an alteration of the wave characteristics such as one cycle proceeding faster and the other cycle being very slower and so it maintains the cycle and completing cycle.  The researchers used some set of tools that allowed them to adjust the cardiac wave lengths and they can regulate it according to their study on rats. The optogenetics are the tools which are used and that allows them to stimulate and cardiac wave with light rather than by standard method of electrical stimulation. The electrical stimulation have risk of stopping heart beat because the reaction time is very less and so they need to act accordingly.