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World’s biggest marker pen made by Kerala man

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  • Dec 04, 2020

India’s Muhammed Dileef designed a world largest marker pen. By looking at the intriguing 2.745m*0.315m cylindrical structure made by Kerala man, you might get confused at first about what the giant object actually is because it Is so big and one single man can not operate it and needs at least two three men or a group of members. It is some sort of new gadget? Or it is tech enabled gun? But if you continue to look carefully, you wiill get to know about how Dileef has made the mark and set the world record. It is very difficult to think of a new invention and to make it part of new record. To do it first you have to have a great idea and know the proper functioning of the gadget. Mohammed Dileef has made the largest marker pen in the world and entered the Guinness world record. The official Facebook page of Guinness World record has also posted a video on the making of the giant 9 feet pen. The video has already left netizens spellbound and crosses the whole new record it is bursting everywhere on web.

Our country has a lot of potential creators and thinkers they make our country proud by these invention and it is also a motivation for the whole new generation of today’s era. This event happened in September from Kerala. On November 10 Guinness world record has uploaded a video on Facebook on how the awe inspiring pen was made. The video also shows an unimaginable writing and it is a very proud moment when Dileef wrote India on the white board with the large pen. While he was writing two or three person were assisting him to carry the pen.

 The video gives a lot of people a sense of pride when it is captioned as Building the world’s biggest marker pen – India’s Muhammed Dileef got the right stuff. When you see this video you’ll experience a pen is mightier than a sword. The video posted by Guinness world record on the most surfing platform of social media Facebook has been flooded with loads with praises. In three days, it has grabbed around 8.4k likes. Many users commented appreciated and congratulate for this great victory of discoveries. One user commented, “Great creativity”. Another user wrote “This pen is mightier than a sword”. The context of this statement says that it has the ability to change the world. One of the user commented “very good try, the world India that you finally wrote is fantastic”.