France Flow Cytometry Market is Growing at a Significant Rate in the Forecast Period 2018-2025

France Flow Cytometry Market will. The new market report contains data for historic year 2016, the base year of calculation is 2017 and the forecast period is 2018 to 2025.Access Full Report:

Segmentation: France Flow Cytometry Market

France Flow Cytometry Market, By Technology (Cell-Based Flow Cytometry, Bead-Based Flow Cytometry), Products (Reagents and Consumables, Flow Cytometry Instruments, Accessories, Services), Application (Research Applications, Clinical Applications, Industrial Applications), End User (Academic & Research Institutes, Hospitals & Clinical Testing Laboratories, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies)– Industry Trends and forecast to 2025

Drivers: France Flow Cytometry Market

Prominent factors driving the growth of this market consist advanced technologies in flow cytometry,   increased occurrences of HIV/AIDS and rising adoption of flow cytometry techniques in clinical testing, pharmaceutical studies, research and clinical applications enhancesthe growth of France flow cytometry market.

Advent of advanced technologies in flow cytometry:

Rising incidence of diseases such as cancer, HIVs and others have shown concerns towards developing new technologies and flow cytometry is one of them. For instance in 2012, according to World Cancer Research , it has been estimated that the highest rate of cancer was found in France about 385 men were being diagnosed from cancer out of 1,00,000.

  • Considering increased chronic diseases has led new innovations and advancements to recover patients with such dreadful; diseases, keepingthis in view, the companies are also taking initiatives by bringing new technologies, innovative version in the field of flow cytometry by investing more upon such technologies. Various launches, acquisitions and developments are taking place for instance:
  • In 2018, Biocompare has re-launched its digital flow cytometry information hub it is one of the latest technologies which will be sponsored by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences for the first time.
  • In 2018, a high performance 4-Laser Benchtop Flow Cytometer has been launched by ACEA Biosciences.
  • In 2018, Merck launched new Cell Stream benchtop flow cytometry system that makes use of camera for the detection.
  • Furthermore, in 2017, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has brought the new potentials for the cancer researchers by launching first flow cytometer that will provide excitation sources across the visible spectrum in a standard configuration.

Increased occurrences of HIV/AIDS and Cancer:

There has been a huge increment for the fatal diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS globally. The incidences for such diseases are huge and yet set to rise. For instance, in February 2018, according to World Health Organization, it has been estimated that cancer is considered as one of the major reason of death occurring globally. In 2015, 8.8 million deaths were due to cancer. Considering globally, about 1 out 6 deaths is due to cancer. Moreover, about 70.0% of death is caused to low and middle-income group of countries in case of cancer. Tobacco is one of the major reasons and is highly responsible for around 22.0% of deaths happened due to cancer.

Moreover, in the recent study of economic burden of cancer in EU countries has estimated that the total cost caused upon the lung cancer treatment as well as breast, colorectal and prostate cancers was stated about .

Secondly, in case of HIV/ AIDS, according to a report published by HIV/AIDS surveillance in Europe, in 2011 it has been estimated that HIV is one the major issue to be treated in Europe, and it further suggests that HIV transmission tend to increase in many countries of Europe containing the total rating of 7.6 detection per 100 000 population in the case of WHO European Region and 5.7 in the EU/EEA

Moreover, in 2011, the male female ratio was 3.0 which is marginally more than 10% of all HIV detects were reported among young people aged 15 to 24 years. Furthermore, 46.0% of HIV cases were stated in the East, 49.0% in the west and 6.0% was in the center of the region.

Rising adoption of flow cytometry techniques in clinical testing, pharmaceutical studies, research and clinical applications:

Flow cytometry in earlier days had not come up as the crucial segment in case of clinical trials. The technology was a bit expensive and complex. But with the advancement in technology and advent of innovations in flow cytometry it entered all the way into the clinical trial settings. With the technological advancements, the interest for collection of information is growing and as a platform of observing immune function and immunotoxicity flow cytometry is considered extremely powerful. Apart from these technological advancements there are other various factors that are increasing and opening avenuesfor the huge usage of flow cytometry in clinical trials. For instance, flow cytometry has also increased its usage in sample handling and flow cytometry has led to identify novel patterns of expressed Ags which is considered helpful for the detection and recognition of cancers with unique pathophysiology and treatment strategies. Edition of flow cytometry for evaluation of multiplex arrays of fluorescent beads that assists in capturing proteins and particular DNA sequences has led to produce extremely sensitive as well as quick method for high through-put analysis of Abs, cytokines, and HLA genotypes.

Moreover, Flow cytometry breakdown can offer vital diagnostic and predictive information and classify with high accuracythe characteristic immunophenotype of malignancies and cell DNA content that are used to select exact treatments. Under clinical trials, flow cytometry assists in evaluating the immune status of patients, comprising of determination of CD4+ T cell blood counts after HIV infection. The flow cytometry can also be used as a research tool for the purification of cell populations for cell-based therapy. Another very useful form of flow cytometry is to measure Abs to HLA molecules.

Major Players: France Flow Cytometry Market

Some of the prominent participants operating in this market are BD., Merck KGaA, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, bioMérieux SA, ACEA BIO, Apogee Flow Systems Ltd, Beckman Coulter, Inc, Enzo Life Sciences, Inc, Luminex Corporation, Mechatronics, Miltenyi Biotec, Sony Biotechnology Inc, Stratedigm, Inc, Sysmex Partec GmbH (A subsidary of Sysmex Corporation), Takara Bio Inc, among others.