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Jun, 21 2024

Leading Companies in Ataxia Market: Pharmaceutical Giants Drive Innovations in Treatment and Rehabilitation

Research in the ataxia market is primarily focused on developing therapeutic interventions to manage symptoms and address underlying causes of the condition. Pharmaceutical companies are investing in medications targeting specific neurotransmitter systems or gene therapies to correct genetic mutations linked to certain types of ataxia. Advancements in technology, including wearable devices and virtual reality rehabilitation programs, offer promising avenues to improve coordination and enhance the quality of life for individuals affected by ataxia. These efforts collectively aim to alleviate the challenges associated with ataxia and provide more effective treatments for those living with the condition.

Global Ataxia Market valued at USD 22,631.81 thousand in 2021, is projected to reach 36,900.18 thousand by 2029 and will grow at a CAGR of 6.9% during the forecast period of 2022-2029.

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Below are the Top Ataxia Companies with a Significant Market Share:




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Select Medical Corporation

Select Medical operates specialty hospitals and outpatient rehabilitation clinics, which offer services for individuals with ataxia, including physical and occupational therapy.

  • Neurological Disorders
  • Physical Therapy
  • Lifestyle Therapy

North America

In October 2020, Select Medical Corporation announced its joint venture partnership with Cleveland, and the clinic was recognized as the best physical rehabilitation Center in Ohio, the U.S., by Newsweek Magazine. This will increase the demand for the company's rehab services and contribute to its revenue of the company.


Pfizer Inc.

Pfizer is a major pharmaceutical company involved in the research and development of various therapeutics, including treatments for neurological disorders such as ataxia. They have ongoing research programs or collaborations aimed at addressing ataxia symptoms or underlying causes.

  • CORVERT (ibutilide fumarate injection)
  • CHANTIX (varenicline)
  • NEURONTIN (gabapentin)

Europe, South America, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, and North America

In November 2022, Pfizer Inc. announced that the company had completed its acquisition of Arena Pharmaceuticals. It is a clinical-stage company developing innovative potential therapies to treat several immuno-inflammatory diseases. This has helped the company to increase its product portfolio with this acquisition.


Novartis AG

Novartis is a global healthcare company with a strong presence in the pharmaceutical industry. They expectedly have interests in ataxia research and developing medications targeting neurological pathways or genetic mutations associated with the condition.

  • Stalevo (carbidopa, levodopa, entacapone)
  • Eucreas (vildagliptin, metformin)
  • Cibacen (benazepril hydrochloride)

Europe, South America, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, and North America

Novartis' initiation of the Phase 3b clinical study, SMART, to assess Zolgensma's safety and efficacy in children with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) who weigh 21 kg or more is significant for the ataxia market. While SMA and ataxia are distinct conditions, both involve neurological impairments. The study's focus on Zolgensma, a gene therapy approved for SMA, showcases Novartis' commitment to advancing treatments for rare genetic disorders, including those affecting neurological functions such as ataxia. This development underscores Novartis' dedication to innovative therapies that could potentially impact the broader neurology market, including conditions such as ataxia.


Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC.

Amneal Pharmaceuticals is a generic and specialty pharmaceutical company. They potentially develop generic versions of medications used to manage ataxia symptoms, providing more affordable treatment options.

  • Gabapentin, USP
  • Benazepril HCl, USP
  • Enalapril Maleate
  • Flecainide Acetate, USP
  • Rytary (carbidopa/levodopa) ER

Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle, and North America

In January 2022, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced that the company had completed its acquisition of Saol Therapeutics, a private pharmaceutical company with pipeline products for neurological disorders. This has helped the company to expand its product portfolio in the market


Upstream Rehabilitation Inc.

Upstream Rehabilitation operates outpatient rehabilitation clinics, which offer services catering to individuals with ataxia. Their focus on rehabilitation and therapy could provide essential support for managing symptoms and improving quality of life for those affected by the condition.

  • Lifestyle Therapy

North America

In January 2021, Upstream Rehabilitation Inc. expanded its product portfolio to telehealth virtual visits amid COVID-19. This has helped the company be in continuous touch with their patients and deliver their services even during the pandemic.


In the growing field of ataxia therapeutics, companies such as Pfizer Inc., Novartis AG, and Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC play pivotal roles in research and development, aiming to alleviate symptoms and address underlying causes. Alongside pharmaceutical giants, organizations such as Select Medical Corporation and Upstream Rehabilitation Inc. contribute through specialized healthcare services and rehabilitation programs. As these companies continue to innovate and collaborate, the ataxia market stands poised for advancements that promise improved treatment options and enhanced quality of life for individuals living with this challenging neurological condition.

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