Global Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Equipment Market: Intensifying Investment and Growth in the Semiconductor Industry Accelerates the Demand of this Market

Global Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Equipment Market

Due to the reaction of vapor-phase chemical reactants, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is the development of a non-volatile solid film on a surface. They are mainly used for the formation of coatings for different applications such as corrosion resistance, high temperature protection, wear resistance and other. CVD is an experimental system carried out in a CVD reactor at high temperatures of about 1925 ° F. CVD covers different processes such as low pressure chemical vapor deposition, laser chemical vapor deposition, photochemical vapor deposition, chemical vapor infiltration and other. They usually are fine grained, have high purity and impervious. Some of the common technologies used in CVD are atomic layer CVD, organometallic CVD, plasma enhanced CVD, plasma assisted CVD among others.

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Some of the factors responsible for the growth of this market:

  • Growth in semiconductor industry: The semiconductor industry can look forward to grow due to the rapid technological progress. Semiconductors are key components of systems in electronics. These are useful for regulating electrical currents because of their ability to conduct electricity under certain conditions. In today's scenario artificial intelligence is expected to be the engine behind the semiconductor sectors long growth cycle. Semiconductors serve as a model for allowing the new technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT revolution has not only increased the demand for semiconductor chips but also turned to software and applications for capturing value
  • Increasing demand for electronics among population: Electronics is one of today's innovations that are commonly used throughout the world. They are highly in demand due to the fact that they make our life easy and convenient. Today we have new electronic technologies such as television, computer, among others which are generated with electronics. They are also making the communication faster and easier as nowadays via mobile phones, video chat and Internet we can connect to anyone. Using all these devices, we can easily and clearly express our message at a very low cost. With a bunch of information, one can gain more knowledge via the Internet. With the security system like the surveillance cameras safety has been also increased in organizations, homes, banks among others.

The global chemical vapor deposition (CVD) equipment market is segmented on the basis of category as CVD equipment, CVD services, and CVD materials; applications as coatings, electronics, catalysis, and others; technology as atomic layer CVD, laser induced CVD, organometallic CVD, plasma Enhanced CVD, plasma assisted CVD, low pressure CVD, and others; product as atmospheric-Pressure chemical vapor deposition, low-pressure chemical vapor deposition, density-plasma chemical vapor deposition, and metal-organic chemical vapor phase deposition and end- users as memory, foundry, IDM, and logic

Some of the launches and acquisition in the market are as follow:

  •  In November 2017, CVD Equipment Corporation announced that they have purchased the assets of MesoScribe Technologies Inc. MesoScribe, based on its patented Direct Write Thermal Spray (DWTS) software, specializes in the manufacture of harsh environment sensor products and structurally integrated electronics. This acquisition will provide the CVD access to an additional deposition technology, which will help the company to enhance their product portfolio and solidify their market position
  • In April 2018, Oerlikon Balzers announced the acquisition of Sucotech AG. This acquisition will help the company to enhance their products and service offering. Oerlikon Balzers has long followed a policy to engage in the growth and develop its broad range of systems, coating technologies, and services to provide reliable and personalized solutions. With this acquisition, the company will be able to provide better services to their customers

 “According to Data Bridge Market Research, global chemical vapor deposition (CVD) equipment market is set to witness a substantial CAGR of 7.95% in the forecast period of 2019- 2026”

Few of the major competitors currently working in the global CVD equipment market are AIXTRON, Applied Materials, Inc., ASM International, CVD Equipment Corporation, Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc, IHI Corporation, Jusung Engineering Co., Ltd., LAM RESEARCH CORPORATION, Plasma-Therm, Tokyo Electron Limited, ULVAC, Veeco Instruments Inc., Oxford Instruments, Mustang Vacuum Systems among others.

Increasing demand of CVD in microelectronic application will accelerate the demand of the CVD equipment in the market. There is also increasing usage of high- performance films in solar panel which will also affect the market positively. Many technological development and innovations are taking place in CVD equipment which will also enhance the market. Rising investment in semiconductor industry is further creating new opportunities for this market.