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Jul, 18 2024

Leading Innovators: Top Companies Shaping the Dental Lab Market's Future with Cutting-Edge Solutions

The dental lab market is experiencing remarkable advancement driven by the integration of the latest methods and technologies. From CAD/CAM systems enabling precise prosthetic manufacturing to 3D printing revolutionizing denture production, innovation is reshaping the industry landscape. This surge in technological adoption enhances efficiency, accuracy, and customization, meeting the evolving demands of both dentists and patients. Moreover, the market's growth is fueled by the increasing awareness of oral health and the rising demand for aesthetic dental solutions. As a result, dental labs are poised for substantial expansion, leveraging cutting-edge tools to deliver superior products and services.

The Global Dental Lab Market size was valued at USD 3.38 billion in 2023, is projected to reach USD 8.62 billion by 2031, with a CAGR of 12.4% during the forecast period 2024 to 2031.

Below are the Top Five Dental Lab Companies with a Significant Market Share:




Product Portfolio

Sales Geographical Coverage



Henry Schein, Inc.

Henry Schein is a global distributor of dental and medical products, offering a comprehensive range of supplies, equipment, and services to dental laboratories worldwide. With a focus on innovation and customer service, Henry Schein provides solutions tailored to the needs of dental labs, including CAD/CAM technology, digital imaging systems, and materials for prosthetics and restoration. Their extensive network and partnerships with leading manufacturers enable them to deliver quality products and support to dental labs, helping them optimize workflow efficiency and patient outcomes.

  • Abrasive Blaster Parts and Accessories

  • Abrasive Blasters
  • Air Cleaners
  • Air Compressors
  • Air Dryers

America, Europe, Asia-Pacific

In June 2022, Henry Schein, Inc., acquired Condor Dental. The acquisition would permit Henry Schein, Inc., to strengthen the dental distribution business segment in Switzerland. It would result in a rise in revenue and supply and distribution of dental instruments across dentists.


Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona is a prominent player in the dental lab market, offering a wide array of products and solutions designed to meet the needs of dental laboratories. With a rich heritage of innovation and expertise, Dentsply Sirona provides advanced technologies such as digital impression systems, milling machines, and dental materials for fabricating prosthetics and restorations. Their commitment to research and development ensures that dental labs have access to cutting-edge tools and materials, empowering them to deliver high-quality dental products efficiently and effectively.

  • Endodontic Products (ProtaperUltimate, TruNatomy, Waveone Gold, ProTaper Gold)
  • Products for Irrigation
  • Sealer
  • Obturation Products
  • Endodontic Files, Motors & Apex Locators, Irrigation

Asia-Pacific, South Africa, Australia, Netherland, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Iberia, Sweden, U.K., U.S., Belgium, Luxemborg

In March 2022, Dentsply Sirona formed a strategic partnership with Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe. The Platform is a joint initiative of the Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE), the Council of European Chief Dental Officers (CECDO), the European Association of Dental Public Health (EADPH), the Oral Health Foundation and the Pan-European Region of the International Association for Dental Research (PER-IADR), and a wide range of Associate Members. Platform aims to improve oral health. With the help of this partnership, Dentsply Sirona would further extend its role in creating awareness around the importance of better oral health.




Envista is a global leader in dental technology, serving the dental lab market with innovative solutions and comprehensive support services. Through its portfolio of brands, including KaVo Kerr, Nobel Biocare, and Ormco, Envista offers a range of products for dental labs, from digital imaging systems and CAD/CAM technology to implantology and orthodontic solutions. Envista's focus on education and training equips dental lab professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to leverage advanced technologies and deliver superior patient care, driving innovation and excellence in the dental lab industry.

  • Ormco
  • Spark
  • Implant Direct
  • Orascoptic
  • Alpha Bio

Middle East and Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific

In May 2022, Envista formed an agreement with Osteogenics Biomedical Inc., Allotech LLC, and OBI Biologics, Inc. (together "Osteogenics"). The agreement is based upon Envista to sell CytoplastTM brand name, Osteogenics.It would result in a rise in business expansion and rise in revenue.


Institut Straumann AG

Institut Straumann AG is a leading provider of solutions for implant dentistry and dental tissue regeneration, catering to the needs of dental laboratories worldwide. With a commitment to innovation and scientific research, Institut Straumann offers a comprehensive range of implant systems, prosthetic components, and biomaterials designed to support dental lab professionals in delivering precise and esthetic restorations. Their focus on quality and reliability ensures that dental labs can trust Straumann products for consistent performance and long-term clinical success, enabling them to meet the evolving demands of modern dentistry.

  • StraumannMini Implant System
  • Straumann Tissue Level Implant Line
  • Straumann Bone Level Implant Line
  • Straumann Ceramic Implant System
  • Surfaces of the Straumann Dental Implant System

Middle East and Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America

In May 2022, Institutt Straumann AG had signed an agreement to fully acquire Plus Dental, a provider of orthodontic treatment solutions in Europe. This acquisition will further strengthen the Group’s strategic consumer expertise and unlock further growth potential. Plus, Dental has built up a broad network of clinics across Europe, which will accelerate the Group’s expansion, especially in the Netherlands, Sweden, and the U.K.



PLANMECA OY is a Finnish company specializing in digital dental equipment and software solutions, offering cutting-edge technology for dental laboratories worldwide. From advanced CAD/CAM systems and imaging devices to dental chairs and software platforms, PLANMECA provides integrated solutions designed to streamline workflows and enhance productivity in dental labs. Their commitment to innovation and user-centric design ensures that dental lab professionals have access to intuitive and efficient tools for designing, manufacturing, and delivering high-quality dental restorations, empowering them to achieve outstanding results and patient satisfaction.

  • Dental care units
  • Dental unit accessories
  • Simulation units
  • Intraoral Imaging (X-ray unit, sensors, plate scanner)

Middle East and Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America

In September 2021, PLANMECA OY acquired KaVo Treatment Unit & Instrument business. The acquisition would complement Planmeca’s extensive product portfolio and enhance the growth and competitiveness of both companies, allowing them to offer the best possible modern digital workflow to dental professionals around the world.


The market exhibits promising growth prospects, driven by several key factors. Technological advancements in materials and equipment enhance efficiency and quality in dental prosthetics manufacturing. Moreover, the increasing prevalence of dental disorders and the growing aging population globally amplify the demand for dental restoration procedures. Additionally, the rising adoption of cosmetic dentistry further fuels market expansion. As the industry continues to innovate and cater to evolving patient needs, it presents abundant opportunities for market players to thrive and contribute to the advancement of dental care worldwide.

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