Global Dental Lab Market: Oral Care Consciousness, Escalating the Dental Labs Worldwide

Global Dental Lab Market

Dental labs are a facility which develop or manufactures different products to increase oral health among population. Crowns, dentures, bridges, and others are some of the common products that are manufactured in these labs. There are dental lab technicians who get prescription from the dentist and then they manufacture products. They usually produce either therapeutic devices or prosthetic devices.   As we know that due to intake of unhealthy food and excessive sweet, people get many tooth related problems such as cavities, dry mouth, tooth decay, gum disease, tooth erosion and others. So to deal with these problems, dental labs create products which can help the population to deal with these problems. These products not only help the patient to maintain their oral health but also boost their confidence and self-esteem. The dental lab technology is changing due to advancement in material, change in the practice models and increasing dental care awareness among population.

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Some of the factors which driving the growth of this market are:

  • Rising Incidence of Dental Caries: Cavity or dental caries is one of the most common diseases which are faced by majority of the population. Cavity occurs when the consumed food reacts with the bacteria in the mouth and creates acids which have the ability to destroy the hard tissue of the tooth. The acid decreases the phosphate and calcium from the enamel. This usually cause difficulty in eating and can cause pain as well. To cure this problem, treatments such as fillings, root canal, extraction and crown is done. If not treated on time, this can cause infection as well. Increasing dental caries cases worldwide is the factor for the growth of this market
  • Rapid Growth in the Geriatric Population: Aging can cause many dental problems such as darkened mouth, diminished sense of taste, dry mouth, root decay, tooth loss, uneven jawbone, thrush and others. The main reason due to which the older people face more dental problems is because of the intake of more drugs. So, increasing dental problem among the aging population is the factor driving the growth of this market

The global dental lab market is segmented into general & diagnostic devices, treatment-based devices and others. General & diagnostic devices are further segmented into dental systems & part, dental equipment, dental implants, dental crowns & bridges, dental lasers, dental radiology equipment, digital devices, film-based devices, Intra-oral radiology equipment and dental biomaterial. Dental equipment is sub segmented into hand pieces, scaling units, light cure equipment and dental chairs. Dental crowns & bridges is sub segmented into ceramic conventional crowns & bridges, metal crown and bridges, metal-fused ceramic crowns. Dental implants are sub segmented into titanium dental implants, zirconia dental implants. Dental systems & parts are sub segmented into instrument delivery systems, cone beam CT scanning, CAD/CAM systems, 3D printers, dental milling devices. Dental radiology equipment is further segmented into extra oral radiology equipment and intra-oral radiology equipment. Extra oral radiology equipment are further sub segmented into panoramic X-rays, digital imaging, cone beam CT, MRI imaging and others. Intra-oral radiology equipment is sub segmented into bitewings, occlusal and periapicals. Dental lasers are sub segmented into CO2 lasers, yttrium lasers (ND: YAG laser), diode lasers and erbium laser. The treatment-based devices segment is further segmented into orthodontics, endodontic, periodontics and prosthodontics. Orthodontics is further segmented to fixed braces and removable braces. Fixed braces are further sub segmented into brackets, archwires, anchorage appliances and ligatures and others. Endodontic is further segmented to obturators and permanent endodontic sealers. Periodontics is further segmented to dental anaesthetics, dental sutures and dental hemostats. Dental anaesthetics are sub segmented into injectable anaesthetics and topical anaesthetics. Dental hemostats are sub segmented into active hemostats and passive hemostats. Prosthodontics is further segmented into fixed Prosthodontics and removable prosthodontics. The others is segmented further as dental laboratory machines, hygiene maintenance devices, retail dental care essentials and other consumables.

Few of the acquisition and launches in the market are as follow:

  • In July 2017, Kulzer announced the launch of their 3D printer Print 4.0 which is specially designed so that new dental appliances can be created for the dental laboratories. This will help the dental technicians so that they can create faster polymer- based dental appliances easily. It also has digital light projection (DLP) technology which makes it more accurate than laser light technology
  • In October 2018, GDC Holdings, Inc announced that they have acquired Trident Dental Laboratories so that they enhance their product portfolio. Both the companies will be working independently and with this acquisition the company will be able to provide better solutions to the patients and dentists across the globe

“According to Data Bridge Market Research, global dental lab market is projected to register a substantial CAGR of 6.3% in the forecast period of 2019 to 2026”

Some of the major players operating in this market are Zimmer Biomet, 3M, Ultradent Products Inc., Young Innovations, Inc., GC Corporation, Henry Schein, Inc., A-Dec, Inc., Biohorizons Implants System, Inc., Biolase Technology, Inc., 3 Shapes, Carestream Health, Inc., Dentatus Ab, Dentsply International, Inc., Gendex Ltd, Instrumentarium Dental, Inc., Roland, Formlabs, Danaher Corporation, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., Planmeca Oy, Septodont Holding, Voco Gmbh, KaVo GmBh, Dentium,  Scheu Dental GmbH and others.

Smile is an important part of the face and in this era of social media, increasing number of celebrities and other influencer showcasing their perfect smile is creating an opportunity for this market. Oral health awareness and rising consciousness among population is to keep their teeth fit and healthy is another factor which is driving the market. Advancement such as use of implant materials hydroxyapatite coatings and bone morphogenic proteins for better healing and painless procedure is also accelerating the growth of the dental lab market.