Global Dielectric Etchers Market: Increasing Demand for Electric Circuit Enhances the Market Growth

Dielectric Etchers Market

Dielectric etcher is a tool for the etching of dielectric materials by semiconductors. The process involves etching using dry etching devices, such as inductively coupled plasma or transformer plasma-type chambers, which work under low pressure. Carbon monoxide is widely used for many dielectric etch processes. This technique is usually used to add holes / trenches to metals in order to remove the metals and clear the circuit board along with its structuring. Some of the common types of dielectric etchers are traditional, 2D, 3D IC, and 3D. They are widely used in application such as sign industry, aviation, machinery & equipment among others.

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Some of the common factors for the growth of this Dielectric Etchers Market are:

  • Rapid innovations and advancements of products designed through this method such as 3D ICs: 3D ICs are built-in circuits (chips) integrating two or more circuit layers in a single package. Normally these multi-layer chips are produced by processing different layers and then stacking and thinning them. These 3D IC are usually thicker than the conventional 2D chip. For miniaturized devices such as cell phones and IoT systems, the small size of 3D-ICs is extremely valuable
  • Growing demand for electric circuits:  An electrical circuit is a path through which electrons flow from a voltage or current source. They have the ability to provide complete a complete closed for electricity. The energy source may be a battery, a thermocouple, a photocell or an electrical generator. Series circuit and parallel circuit are two of the common types of the electric circuits. These electric circuits are very easy to use and their simple design is also very easy to understand. They have the ability to not get overheat due to which they are very safe to use

The global dielectric etchers market is segmented on the basis of product as high-powered, & low-powered; type as traditional, 3D IC, 2D, & 3D; end-users as foundries, IDMs, OSATs and application as aviation, machinery & equipment, sign industry, and others

Some of the launches and acquisition in the Dielectric Etchers Market are:

  • In August 2019, Micralyne Inc. announced that they have purchased Versalis fxP Cluster System from SPTS Technologies. In order to meet increasing customer demand for its biomedical, optical and industrial MEMS, Micralyne will use the Versalis fxP equipped with a Rapier plasma etch system to increase production efficiency. The addition of the Versalis fxP system from SPTS will enable Micralyne to offer a wider range of process technologies and production capabilities to its MEMS customers with improved throughput and yield
  • In September 2016, LAM RESEARCH CORPORATION announced that they are going to enhance their atomic layer etching (ALE) portfolio by adding Flex dielectric etch systems. The new ALE system illustrated the atomic control necessary to address the main challenges of scaling up to and below 10 nm of logic devices. This new system also uses AMMP technology so they can enable the ALE of dielectric films

“According to Data Bridge Market Research, global dielectric etchers market is expected to register a steady CAGR of 3.74% in the forecast period of 2019-2026”

Few of the major competitors currently working in the global dielectric etchers market are Applied Materials, Inc.; Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation; Aviza Technology, Inc.; SAMCO INC.; LAM RESEARCH CORPORATION; Tokyo Electron Limited; Mattson Technology; AMEC; JUSUNG ENGINEERING Co., Ltd.; Oxford Instruments; SEMES Co. Ltd.; Orbotech Ltd.; ULVAC, Inc.; Plasma-Therm; Nordson Corporation; Trion Technology; CORIAL among others

Rising demand for neuromorphic chips and increasing integration of artificial intelligence, data processing, other technologies are the factors which is accelerating the market growth. Miniaturization of electronic devices will also affect the market positively.  Improvement in the FinFET infrastructure and rising fabless semiconductor companies will also impact the market growth. These are some of the factors creating new avenues in the growth of this market.

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