Global Emergency Spill Response Market: Increasing demand for mechanical recovery methods for spill recovery to enhance market

Emergency Spill Response Market

Any incident involving leaking or releasing hazardous chemicals, mixing these chemicals, or hazardous waste requiring spill disposal experts to safely contain and recover the spilled product is an emergency response spill.  Any spill should be measured to determine whether a trained professional has exceeded the threshold further requiring any cleanup. Emergency Spill Response Services are based on mitigating the impact on human health and the environment of hazardous materials and chemicals. Different response methods includes removing hazardous substance in soil or container; burning or treating hazardous substances; installing fences to prevent direct contact with hazardous substances; using chemicals to prevent the spread of hazardous substance among others.

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Some of the factors responsible for the growth of Emergency Spill Response Market:

  • Increasing demand for mechanical recovery methods for spill recovery: Whenever a spill occur different techniques and methods are used to alleviate this spill. These actions mainly depend on the surface of the spill. Mechanical containment and recovery equipment used to collect spilled material when spills reach the water. Different mechanical recovery equipment are barriers, skimmers, and booms. Boom has the ability to absorb spilled materials, skimmers can collect materials from the surface water and barrier prevents the movement of spilled materials. This mechanical recovery method is very useful as they can easily remove oil easily from the environment
  • Increasing Awareness Regarding the Effects of Spill on the Environment: When a spill occurs it can impact the environment negatively. Oil spills can have a significant impact on the loss of habitat for temporary animals and fish. They have the ability to affect the different organism function such as feeding, respiration and thermo- regulation. Oil spills occurring in a water environment are rapidly degraded in comparison with oil spills on land or in the surface. Direct contact with the oil spill can impact animals, fish, birds and wildlife

The global emergency spill response market is segmented on the basis of type as products and services; spill material as oil spills and chemical & hazardous material spills; spill environment as spills on land, & spills on sea and vertical as transportation, chemical, oil & gas, ports & harbors, government, and industrial facilities.

Some of the launches and acquisition in the Emergency Spill Response Market are as follows:

  • In January 2019, HEPACO LLC announced the acquisition of PetroChem Recovery Services Inc.,. This acquisition will help the company to enhance their position in the market and increase their geographical reach. PetroChem offers environmental services to shipping, industrial and government customers, such as emergency response, waste management and tank cleaning
  • In May 2018, National Response Corporation announced the acquisition the SWS Environmental Services, Inc which will help them to enhance their full line of compliance and environmental services. This transaction greatly complements their current U.S. presence with almost no overlap, improving their ability to reach clients across the U.S. They will continue to offer their customers cost-effective solutions to a wide range of environmental concerns while expanding their business with the strong global presence of NRC

“According to Data Bridge Market Research, global emergency spill response market is set to witness a substantial CAGR of 6.6% in the forecast period of 2019 to 2026”

Few of the major competitors currently working in global emergency spill response market are Adler & Allen, Clean Harbors Inc., Desmi A/S, Elastec, Marine Well Containment Company, Oil Spill Response Limited, Polyeco Group, US Ecology Inc., Veolia, Vikoma International Ltd, NRC Group, Briggs Marine & Environmental Services, AM Environmental, Lamor Corporation Ab., Blue Ocean Tackle, SkimOil, Fender & Spill Response Service LLC, American Green Ventures (US) Inc., Expandi Systems, Darcy Spillcare Manufacturer, Tomlinson Group, First Call Environmental and others.

Increasing International trade & transportation along with the rising awareness about the harmful effect of spill will drive the market growth. Development in sea trade leads to higher spills, including loading and discharging, during ship operations; this factor is also positively affecting the market growth. Government is also taking many initiatives to strengthen the response to marine oil spills which will further enhance the market growth. These are some of the factors which are creating new opportunities for this market to grow.

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