Global Endoscope Reprocessing Market is Expected to Register a Healthy CAGR in the Forecast Period of 2019 to 2026

According to Data Bridge Market Research new Market report, global endoscope reprocessing market accounted to USD 1.57 billion in 2018 growing at a CAGR of 8.25% during the forecast period of 2019 to 2026.

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Global Endoscope Reprocessing market

Endoscope reprocessing is the act of sterilizing, disinfecting and cleaning of endoscopic equipment. This reprocessing of equipment is carried out so that the reuse of this equipment doesn’t result in transferring of any microbes or infection from patients. Reprocessing involves three major prevention of infection acts, namely; cleaning, disinfection, sterilization. After the reprocessing is carried out and is complete, the equipment is ready for re-use.

According to iData Research, there were around 75 million of endoscopy procedures performed in United States in 2017, this number means that the requirement of endoscope reprocessing is on high demand so as to prevent the transferring of any microbes or decrease any chances of causing infections.

Segmentation: Global Endoscope Reprocessing Market

Global Endoscope reprocessing market is segmented on the basis of product, end-users and geography.

By Product (High-Level Disinfectants & Test Strips; Detergents & Wipes, Automated Endoscope Reprocessors, Endoscope Drying, Storage & Transport Systems, Endoscope Tracking Systems Others), By End-User (Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Others), By Geography (North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa)


Increase in Occurrence of Chronic Diseases

According to Citizens for Safe Endoscopy report, in the United States approximately 15,000,000 endoscopy procedures performed per year and among them almost 2.7% of all endoscopic procedures causes cross-contamination because of non-sterile endoscopes. Cross-contamination leads to transmission of common diseases like Hepatitis B and C, Tuberculosis, Salmonella, Human Papoloma Virus, Pseudomanus, Aeroginosa, Flu Viruses and other common bacteria. HIV, E. Coli and Kreuttzveld Jacobs Disease (Mad Cow Disease).

Flexible endoscopes have valves and joints that are impossible to scrub, in which some channels are two to six feet long and just millimeters wide. With their intricate channels and valve systems, endoscopes are rife with joints, crevices and pores that regularly trap blood and tissue. Cross-contamination occurs because heavy encrustation’s of patient material, including dried blood, feces and mucous have been found inside the suction channels in flexible endoscopes which supposedly had been disinfected.Flexible endoscopes are repaired every day in service centers throughout the United States. Upon taking each piece apart from an endoscope that is supposedly disinfected, one can regularly observe mucous, blood and fecal matter dripping from endoscope valves.

According to the report endoscopic cross-contamination leads to yearly almost 270,000 infections in the United States. Additionally, there are approximately 25,000 infections a year in New York due to endoscopic cross-contamination.

Key Market Competitors: Global Endoscope Reprocessing Market

Few of the major competitors currently working in the Endoscope Reprocessing market are Advanced Sterilization Products Division Ethicon US LLC., Cantel Medical, Laboratoires Anios, Olympus Corporation, HOYA Corporation, Custom Ultrasonics inc., STERIS plc., Steelco SpA, Getinge AB, ENDO-TECHNIK W. Griesat GmbH, BES Rehab Ltd, ARC Group of Companies Inc., SciCan Inc., SHINVA MEDICAL INSTRUMENT CO. LTD., ARC Group of Companies Inc., MATACHANA GROUP, CHOYANG, DGM Infection Control Systems, MMM Group, Belimed, and Metrex Research LLC.

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