Global Fish Sauce Market: Rising Demand for Seasoning will Accelerate the Market Growth

Fish Sauce Market

Fish sauce is a sauce that is usually made from salt- cured fish or fermented liquid. They are usually used as cuisines in SouthEast and East Asia like Indonesia, Burmese, Thai, Lao, and Malaysia. They are usually the combination of fish preservatives, essence, coloring, flavoring and sweeteners. They are also used as condiments in different cuisines. These fish sauces are also used as seasoning, and are also used as a base in dipping sauces. Fish sauces have been made from a variety of fish and shellfish species and from using the whole fish or using only fish blood and viscera. Today, many new fishes sauce consist of fish & salt and are usually made from mackerel, shrimp, anchovy, among others.

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Some of the factors responsible for the growth of Fish Sauce Market are:

  • Growing demand for seasoning: Seasonings are widely added in dishes & food to enhance their flavors and taste. Ginger, turmeric, cumin, coriander, oregano, cloves, among others are some of the common types of the seasoning. These seasoning are very beneficial for the health and also have less calories. They have the ability to reduce the blood sugar level, can enhance brain function, helps in fighting infection, boosts immunity, have anti- cancer properties, among others
  • Growing in product offerings by the manufacturers by offering new products in various bottle sizes and varying prices: Fish sauce is an amber liquid derived from sea salt fish fermentation. These sauces are widely used as condiments in different cuisines. There are different types of fish sauces that are used such as smoke- almond romesco sauce, fresh herb sauce, parsley sauce, rich ketchup sauce, lemon cream sauce, tomato ginger sauce, and sweet- sour sauce. These sauces are used in different dishes to enhance the taste and texture. Today, manufacturer also creating these products more attractive by offering the product in different attractive packaging and prices

The global fish sauce market is segmented on the basis of type as traditional fish sauce, & industrial fish sauce and application is segmented as house appliances & food service industry.

Some of the launches and acquisition are:

  • In February 2018, Thai Taste announced the launch of their new vegetarian fish sauce which is made from seaweed. This will help the company to expand their cooking and dipping sauces portfolio. This new product can be added to any dish so they can provide salty content to any dish. These fish sauces are made from natural ingredients with no flavoring, preservatives, or artificial color
  • In October 2016, Masan and Thai conglomerate Singha Group announced the launch of their new Chin-Su Yod Thong fish sauce which will help the company to enter into the Thailand fish sauce market. This launch will help the company to expand their position in the market and help them to provide better fish sauces to their customer

 “According to Data Bridge Market Research, Global Fish Sauces Market is set to witness healthy CAGR in the forecast period of 2019- 2026”

Few of the major competitors currently working in the fish sauce market are Tang Sang Hah Co.,Ltd., Thaipreeda Group, Teo Tak Seng Fish Sauce Factory Co., Ltd., VIET PHU FOODS & FISH CORPORATION , Thai Fish Sauce Factory (Squid Brand) Co., Ltd, Fish Marine Resources Development Co., Ltd., Rungroj Fish Sauce Co., Ltd., Pichai Fish Sauce Co. Ltd., RAYONG FISH SAUCE INDUSTRY CO., LTD., Halcyon Proteins, among others.

Fish sauces are widely used in cooking different dishes such as grilled chicken, salad dressing, and pasta sauce. The increasing demand for the fortified fish sauce is driving the market growth. Manufacturers are also taking initiatives and are offering different types of fish sauces to the customers; this factor is also positively affecting the market growth. These sauces also have high nutritional content and are healthy as well which is another factor for the market growth. All the aforementioned drivers will create opportunities for this market.

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