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Jul, 13 2023

Health Benefits of Milk Minerals and Innovations in Milk Mineral Applications


Milk minerals, such as milk calcium, play a crucial role in human health, particularly in promoting strong bones. These natural minerals, obtained through a specialized isolation process, contain essential nutrients like calcium and phosphoric acid. With the increasing demand for functional foods and beverages, milk minerals are being incorporated into newborn formula and fortified products. This highlights the significance of milk minerals in providing vital nutrients and their potential for use in various industries.

According to Data Bridge Market Research Global Milk Minerals Market is growing at a CAGR of 8.70% in the forecast period of 2022-2029.

“Increasing adoption of ultrafiltration technology”

The milk minerals market is expected to witness growth due to the increasing adoption rate of ultrafiltration technology. Ultrafiltration is a filtration process that selectively separates milk components based on their molecular size, allowing for the isolation and concentration of milk minerals. This technology offers several advantages, such as improved efficiency, higher product purity, and enhanced preservation of nutritional properties. The rising awareness about the benefits of milk minerals and the demand for value-added dairy products is driving the implementation of ultrafiltration technology, thus fueling the growth of the milk minerals market.

What restraints the growth of the milk minerals market?

“High cost associated with milk minerals product”

The milk minerals market may face growth constraints due to the high cost associated with the product. The production and extraction of milk minerals involve specialized processes, which can drive up production costs. These costs are then transferred to the end consumer, making the products relatively expensive compared to other alternatives. The high price point of milk minerals may limit their affordability and accessibility, hindering their widespread adoption in the market. Manufacturers and suppliers need to address the cost challenges to make milk minerals more competitive and attractive to a broader consumer base.

Segmentation:  Milk Minerals Market

The milk minerals market is segmented on the basis of source and application.

  • On the basis of source, the milk minerals market is segmented into cow milk, buffalo milk, goat milk, and other.
  • On the basis of application, the milk minerals market is segmented into infant nutrition, dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages, dairy processing, frozen desserts, bakery and confectionery, and others.

 Regional Insights: Europe Dominates the Milk Minerals Market

Europe dominates the milk minerals market due to its strong presence of dairy ingredient and milk mineral producers. The region's expertise in dairy products and the use of high-quality ingredients contribute to its market dominance. European countries have a long history of culinary traditions and a strong focus on food innovation, further boosting their position in the market.

Asia-Pacific is expected to experience significant growth in the milk minerals market. The region's increasing demand for infant nutrition and the large-scale production of milk create favorable conditions for market expansion. Rising disposable incomes, urbanization, and changing consumer lifestyles also contribute to the growing demand for milk minerals market in the Asia-Pacific region.

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The Prominent Key Players Operating in the Milk Minerals Market Include:

  • Food Ingredients Technologies (U.S.)
  • Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited (New Zealand)
  • Donaghys Ltd. (New Zealand)
  • Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S (Denmark)
  • LACTALIS Ingredients (France)
  • Garuda International, Inc. (U.S.)
  • ADM Animal Nutrition (U.S.)
  • MG Ingredients (U.S.)
  • White Oak Mills, Inc. (U.S.)
  • Draco Ingredients GmbH (Germany)
  • ACE International (India)
  • GCMMF (India)
  • Cniel (France)

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Research Methodology: Global Milk Minerals Market

Data collection and base year analysis are done using data collection modules with large sample sizes. The market data is analyzed and estimated using market statistical and coherent models. In addition, market share analysis and key trend analysis are the major success factors in the market report. The key research methodology used by DBMR research team is data triangulation which involves data mining, analysis of the impact of data variables on the market, and primary (industry expert) validation. Apart from this, data models include Vendor Positioning Grid, Market Time Line Analysis, Market Overview and Guide, Company Positioning Grid, Company Market Share Analysis, Standards of Measurement, global vs Regional and Vendor Share Analysis. Please request analyst call in case of further inquiry.

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