ARMOR, Alfa Aesar, and Novaled GmbH Dominated the Global Organic Solar Cell (OPV) Market in 2020

Global Organic Solar Cell (OPV) Market is expected to grow with the CAGR of 13.5% in the forecast period of 2021 to 2028. The years considered for study are as mentioned below.

Global organic solar cell (OPV) market is a highly consolidated market, which includes specific number of key players. The market has witnessed increased strategic developments owing to favourable market scenario.

Major players dealing in the global organic solar cell (OPV) market are introducing strong range of products along with launching new products and adopting strategic initiatives, such as acquisitions, agreements, business expansions, and awards and recognitions into the market. This helps the companies, to maximize the sales with enhanced product portfolio.

For instance:

  • In September 2020, ARMOR announced the intent to invest in developments to increase the lifetime of ASCA organic photovoltaic films from 5 to 20 years and to increase its electric performance by 4 to 8%. With this aim, the company has initiated research and development to study new materials used in the composition of barrier films and several layers of OPV cells. The company is working with French, European, and Canadian partners to develop, identify and test new materials.

ARMOR is the dominating player in the global organic solar cell (OPV) market. Other key players existing in the market are Heliatek GmbH, infinityPV, Novaled GmbH, Sunew, NanoFlex Power Corporation, Moresco Corporation, Alfa Aesar, Ningbo Polycrown Solar Tech Co., Ltd, SHIFENG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., Solaris Chem Inc., Epishine, TOSHIBA CORPORATION, Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., ENI S.p.A., and others.

Organic Solar Cell (OPV) Market ARMOR

ARMOR was founded in 1925 and headquartered in Nantes, France. The company focuses on supply of inked films used for thermal transfer technology. The company has several product & service categories including ARMOR industrial coding and printing, ARMOR battery films, ARMOR solar power films, ARMOR 3D, ARMOR industrial inks, ARMOR smart films, ARMOR print solutions in which ARMOR solar power films is the market focused category.

For instance,

  • In November 2018, ARMOR invested in new automated encapsulation equipment to increase volumes and be able to produce photovoltaic films with a larger surface area. Before this, the company used a pilot encapsulation plant to produce ASCA organic photovoltaic film modules. This enabled the company to ensure the encapsulation process is sound for the quality and longevity of the module. This enabled the company to enhance its product quality.

The company has wide presence across Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

Alfa Aesar

Alfa Aesar, headquarter in Lancashire, U.K.. The company focuses on manufacturing and supply of chemicals, metals, and life science products for research and development. The company has product categories which are analytical & lab ware, catalysts, chemicals, life science, metals & materials in which chemicals is the market focused category.

For instance,

  • In January 2019, Alfa Aesar, Thermo Fisher Scientific, announced the acquisition of Affymetrix, a brand of biochemical products. This acquisition allowed the company to sell Affymetrix’s biochemical products such as ultrapure buffers, substrates, additives, and reagents for a wide range of molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell culture applications under the life science section. This enhanced its organic chemical portfolio and helped top companies meet their research and manufacturing requirements.

The company has presence across Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific.

Novaled GmbH

Novaled GmbH founded in the year 2003, headquarters in Dresden, Germany. The company focuses on providing proprietary organic materials and technologies for superior OLED's in display and lighting. The company has several product categories which are organic materials, OLED display materials, OLED lighting materials, organic photovoltaic materials in which organic photovoltaic materials is the market focused category.

For instance,

  • In May 2020, Novaled GmbH was awarded the AEO Certificate "Customs Simplifications/Security and Safety" (AEO C/S). This ensured the company’s secure supply chain from producing the products/materials to the end consumer. These enhanced company’s position among its customers and enhance its presence in the market for an efficient supply chain.

The company has presence across Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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