Global SCADA Market: Is SCADA Improving the Industries Scenario?

SCADA or supervisory control and data acquisition is a software application that is specially designed so that they can easily track and monitor a process by gathering the data.  This software is mainly used in oil and gas, telecommunication, waste and water control and other industries. Thera main function is to monitor and control the equipment and plants. They are very useful for the industries because they can help them to work efficiently and use the data so that they can make smarter decisions. SCADA system usually consists of field data interface equipment, communications system, central host computer server, and set of standard or customized software system. These systems consist of both hardware and software components in which hardware function is to collect the data and with the help of the SCADA computer enter this data into the computer.

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Some of the factors which are responsible for the growth of this market are as follow:

  • Increasing Infrastructure Development in Terms of Smart Cities and Transportation: Today, large population is living in urban areas, and with new technologies and development many new innovations are taking place and smart city is one of them. Smart city uses different sensors and communication technologies so that the performance and quality of the services can be improved. They usually improve the services such as transportation, energy and other utilities so that they can reduce their consumption and also can maintain the overall cost. So, increasing development in smart city is accelerating SCADA market because for the smooth functioning of these services, it is important to keep the track and monitor the process.
  • Increasing Adoption of Cloud Computing in SCADA System: Using cloud computing in SCADA will be very useful for the user, as it will increase functionality, decrease cost and will help them to get better reliability. By integrating the cloud computing in SCADA, user will be able to see the data on their smart devices. It will help the SCADA running on site to control the network and provide the information to the cloud, which can easily be used by the user.

The Global SCADA Market is segmented on the basis of component into human machine interface, remote terminal unit, programmable logic controller, and communication system ; architecture segmented into hardware architecture, software architecture, and services and application is segmented into oil & gas, power, water & wastewater, transportation, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, manufacturing, and food & beverages. 

Key Development in the Market

  • In June 2016, Yokogawa announced that they have received a project from Gas Transmission Company Limited for a gas distribution pipeline project. In this project they have modernize, and expand the current system. The GTCL is planning that they should integrate SCADA in the monitoring and control system so that they can make sure that the project is working efficiently
  • In August 2016, ISA’s Standards & Practices (S&P) Board announced the launch of their new SCADA Systems committee ISA112. There main task is to prepare technical and standard reports so that they can enhance and improve the SCADA installation, integration, design and their functioning.

“According to Data Bridge Market Research, global SCADA market accounted for USD 9.34 billion in 2016 growing at a substantial CAGR during the forecast period of 2017 to 2024”

Some of the major players of the global SCADA market are ABB, Schneider Electric SE, General Electric Co., Cameron Solution Inc., Capula Ltd and others.

SCADA is very useful for the easy flow of work in different industries. With integration of wireless sensor network in SCADA the application of SCADA has been increased. They are helping the user so that they can interact with different pumps, sensors and others. This software is also in high demand in industries because they are widely used in helping them to main efficiency and help them to tackle the problems easily. These are creating many new opportunities for the SCADA market.