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Global Tunable Filter Market is Expected to Register a Healthy CAGR in the Forecast Period of 2019 to 2026

Drivers: Global Tunable Filter Market:

Growing demand of tunable filters in multicast switches:

The demand for multicast switches is growing as they are reconfigurable ADD/DROP wavelength management devices which have a major demand in the telecommunication networks and in metro cities. With the addition of tunable filter array functionality to the multicast switches, the port cost has been lowered which is required for building the network.

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  • In May 2017, Brimrose Corporation launched a leading-edge OEM Optical Switch. The product is highly capable of switching an optical path in less than 30 nano second. The switches offer low-insertion loses and low-power consumption which meets the demand of the customers.

The major advantage achieved by using tunable filters in multicast switch is the colorless add/drop functionality for currently used ROADM systems. Hence, it is driving the driving the demand for the tunable filter in the global market.

Advanced Ttunable Filters for high Capacity Optical Network:

Tunable Filter can be easily integrated on to the other well developed components for a novel integrated system. As the next-gen technology of internet is on the verge of developing videos which streams on the in 3D or 360 degrees and immense amounts of cheap cloud data storage. With tuning span of 650 GHz is proven to be greater than the 100 GHz span of current silicon-based filters and it can further extend to 1 THz with few modifications. The very data volume carried by single carrier can handle it using the wide tuning span filter. Thus, the tunable filter has immense growth opportunity in the near future.

  • In Feburary 2019s, II-VI Incorporated launched Wavelength Management Solutions for 5G Optical Access Networks which includes products such as Twin 1×4/1×5 Edge Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) Modules, O/E-band Interleavers and Wideband Wavelength Division Multiplexer (WDM) Filters. This launch will expand its product portfolio.


Short Life Cycle of Mems:

Micro Electric Mechanical Systems (MEMS) is a major part of the tunable filters for the incorporation into the devices. As it enables the micromechanical tuning and the low loss materials in building the system, hence, it is the main technological factor in various RF applications.

The extensive usage and constant interaction with different frequencies of wavelengths affects the functioning of the MEMS. A So, high usage of devices leads to heating and create difficulties while maintaining the stable temperature in MEMS. The fluctuation of the voltage disturbs the functionality and leading to the damage of the MEMS components. MEMS being the brain of the tunable filters its shortage of life can reduce the market value.


Advanced RF tunable filters support 5G

The 5G wireless standards have high complexity and have more filter requirements in order to deliver high networking and processing performance. The enhancement in the 5G networking which can accommodate extensive variety of use cases served with disparate technologies, ranging from low-bandwidth IoT to high-bandwidth video.

  • In February 2019, Oppo announced that 5G smartphone will be launched will lead to building an open IoT platform to accelerate the development IoT technology based technologies.

Smartphone with compact size and cost efficient filters are required for the new system and tunable filters are able to resolve the designing issue and will be able to fit in the small and low power handset. Therefore, there is huge opportunity for the tunable filter market in the next-generation networking.


Minimizing number of tuning elements in high-Q 3D tunable filters

The tunable filters have large number of the tuning elements to meet the stringent requirement of RF receiving applications. As the tunable filters produces various tuning elements, sometime it is difficult to covert the coming frequency into usable one. The quality of the image obtained in 3D tunable filter is not of very good quality and many times the process has to be repeated or various adjustments to be made manually to get high quality result.

The minimizing of the tuning element is not feasible as there is limitation of size, complexity of design and inherent difficulty with the tuning sequential. Hence, it is a challenge that tunable filter manufacturers are facing to reduce the tuning elements for improving the quality of the filters.

Key Market Players: Global Tunable Filter Market

The key market players for global tunable filter market listed below:

  • Pole/Zero corporation (Dover Corporation)
  • IDEX Health & Science LLC (IDEX Corporation)
  • Analog Devices, Inc
  • MKS Instruments
  • Exfo Inc
  • II-VI Incorporated
  • AA Opto Electronic
  • Agiltron Inc
  • Api Technologies Corp
  • Brimrose Corporation
  • Coleman Microwave Company
  • Delta Optical Thin Film
  • Dicon Fiberoptics, Inc
  • G&H
  • Infinite Electronics
  • Kent Optronics, Inc
  • Lightwaves2020 Inc
  • Micron Optics
  • NETCOM Inc
  • Nf Corporation
  • Photon etc
  • Smiths Interconnect

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