Global Vehicle Motorized Door Market is Growing at a Significant Rate in the Forecast Period 2019-2026

Drivers: Global Vehicle Motorized Door Market


The automotive industry is showing an enormous growth rate from the past decade due to the rising demand for luxurious vehicles and electric vehicles.

For instance, according to the Electric Vehicles world sales database analysis, in 2016, sales of electric vehicles was 796,000 and it has grown up to 1,281,000 in 2017, globally.

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Factors that are driving the sales of electric vehicles are stringent government regulations towards vehicles emissions, increasing demand of fuel-efficient, high performance and low emission. Furthermore, major players of electric vehicles market such as BMW Group , Daimler AG ,Tesla, General Motors, BYD Company Motors ,Nissan Motor Corporation, Ford motor company ,Toyota Motor Corporation, Energica Motor Company S.P.A., Volkswagen AG and others are focusing on expanding their business operations in emerging countries such as India and China.

Automakers of all luxurious vehicles and electric vehicles are integrating innovative system that make vehicles fuel efficient and increases its safety. Additionally, the demand of luxurious vehicles and electric vehicles are increasing due to the consumer’s demand for vehicles that provide safety to the drivers.

Vehicle motorized doors are an improvement over manual doors. These doors provide convenience to the drivers by providing the facility of automatically locking the doors when the driver forgets to lock it. Additionally, these doors are equipped with features named as keyless entry system that also adds to the security features in the car. Hence, the growing demand for electric and luxurious vehicles further impulses automakers to integrate such types of door in the vehicles.

The increasing road accident is another factor for the demand of luxurious cars.

For instance, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation analysis, in the U.S., the number of fatal deaths occurred was 35,092 in 2015 and it has grown to 37,000 in 2016.

Therefore, increasing rate of accident becomes one factor that mandates the equipment of innovative technology in the vehicles that provide safety to the drivers. 

Hence, all these factors are expected to increase the integration of vehicle motorized doors in the luxurious as well as electric vehicles and will increase the demands for vehicles motorized doors in the coming future.


Increasing consumer’s income especially in developing countries like India and China had proportionally changed preferences of consumers.

For instance, according to the Reserve Bank of India, net disposable income in 2016 was USD 1,836,870 million and it has grown up to USD 2,160,600 million in 2017.

In current scenario, consumers are focusing on adopting those vehicles that saves their time and those in which consumers need to put less input for managing and operating the whole operation. Moreover, another factor that impulse the consumers for adopting technology based vehicles is that it provides privacy with high level of security. Hence, increasing demand for ease and cable free operation in vehicles would enhance the focus of OEMs to deploy this operation in the coming years.

Vehicle motorized door is a type of an automated door that are integrated in all the luxurious cars. One of the major advantages of motorized doors is that these doors operations can be easily managed with a remote because they are equipped with sensors. This factor further helps in cutting down the cost that is associated with the cable. Hence, all these benefits tend to impulse the automakers to replace manual doors with motorised doors and thus will show a positive growth in the market during the forecast period.


Increasing incidence related to vehicles theft across the globe is one of the factor for increasing the demand of vehicles motorized doors in the coming future. Owing to this factor consumers are demanding for vehicles that provides safety from theft. Vehicles motorized doors are incorporated with keyless entry system.  The major benefit of this system is that it allows only authorised users to lock or unlock the doors. Additionally, these doors are linked with smartphone which means that only authorised users are able to open the doors. Major automakers such as Tesla, Ford and others had increased their research and development in this field in order to add more advancement in the keyless entry system. At present, Audi Q5 is integrated with a new keyless entry system named as remote keyless entry system. This will add more security to the vehicles as these keys manages lock and unlock of the doors remotely as it does not require any action from the end users.

Furthermore, stringent government regulations regarding energy saving impulses the automakers to integrate those parts that contributes in energy saving. Vehicle motorised doors play an important role in energy saving. Since, these doors get locked or unlocked automatically, which reduces the amount of air exchange from the environment. This factor contributes in energy saving. Hence, the growing concern of government as well as consumers towards energy saving will positively increase the demand for vehicles motorized doors in the coming future. Therefore, vehicle motorized doors will effectively reduce the wasted energy in multiple ways as it significantly reduces the heating and cooling costs.  Hence, all these factors are expected to propel the global vehicle motorized market.

Restraints: Global Vehicle Motorized Door Market


Automatic door is incorporated with different types of sensors, sliding door panel, and locking system. The regular opening and closing of the car makes the car doors less functional after a certain period of time, so it requires maintenance which in turn, increases the life of the doors.

Depending upon the conditions, inspection team or companies basically perform two types of maintenance which are basic maintenance and full services maintenance. In this maintenance program, the cost of materials and labor cost are the two main factors that inadvertently increase its overall cost. For instance, according to the Europena Union, in 2015, the range of labor cost was lied in between USD 4.47 to 45.12 per hour and it has rose to USD 4.63 to 44.24 in 2016. The increasing per hour labor cost will proportionally increase the total cost indulged in the overall maintenance.

From this it can be analyzed that the cost indulged in the maintenance of automatic door is highly expensive. Hence, this factor restricts the growth of the market.


The automotive retractable door handle system is equipped with special function named as movable system, which allows the door handle in retracting automatically when anyone uses the handle.  These handles are fitted with a sensor that helps in detecting the presence of the driver or the fellow passengers. If the sensor is unable to detect the hand, then the control unit will help in controlling the folding motor in the opposite direction and also it will unfolds back the flap. All these functions are managed with the help of a computer-controlled actuation device that are present inside the handle.

The handles fitted with the sensors are highly expensive as compared to the system integrated ones. This restricts the automakers to integrate retractable door handles as it increases the overall price of the vehicles. Moreover, the users need to invest huge budget while repairing such handles as its maintenance cost is very high. Hence, all these factors restrict the growth of the vehicles motorized doors as these doors are notable to perform efficiently with the usage of standard selling doors.

Opportunities: Global Vehicle Motorized Door Market


The automotive industry has been continuously adopting new technologies for transforming the entire experience of consumers while driving. Furthermore, in the present scenario, consumers are increasingly demanding for vehicles that provide high level of security as well as safety. This will in turn increase the demand for luxurious cars and electric cars. Growing adoptions of technology in the automotive sector impulse the automakers to incorporate new technologies in the doors of the vehicles. As per the present scenario, automakers are integrating systems that are allowing drivers to perform all the operations remotely. The purpose of the integrated advanced system is that it provides convenience by giving facility like ease of opening and closing of the doors. Major players of luxurious vehicles such as Tesla, Jaguar, Audi and others had investing more in the R&D, in order to add more advancement in the doors. In present, these players are incorporating new types of doors such as keypad & combination smart locks, keyless & wireless smart locks, fob enabled smart lock, and fingerprint & biometric smart locks. All these technologies are managed with the help of smartphones by linking them with the Bluetooth. This factor increases the overall convenience of the drivers.

For instance, in December 2018, Jaguar Land Rover had announced about the development of a car door that automatically opens as the driver approaches or that can be operated by gesture control. These new doors are generally installed with a motion sensor along with the keyless door access technology that detects the movement of the driver when he/she approaches towards the vehicle. Similarly, Tesla model 3 is integrated with a system named as phone-based unlocking that has a key card system which is used as a backup for unlocking the vehicles’ doors.

Major benefit of adding advancement in the door system is that it helps in reducing the rate of motor theft. This factor mandates automakers to integrate equipment in the vehicles that contributes in minimizing the theft related cases. Owing to these benefits, it also allows the automakers to integrate all advanced door system that increases the security features of the vehicles, since vehicle motorized door provides safety as well as security to the cars from thievery.

Hence, these new key door technologies offer an opportunity for market to increase the demand of motorized door with upgraded key door technologies.


The increasing number of vehicles related theft has increased the consumers’ concern regarding the safety and security of their car.

For instance, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a part of U.S. government analysis, stated that the number of cases related to motor theft occurred in 2015 was 713,063 and it has grown up to 765,484 in 2016.

Hence, this provides a new path for the development of innovated system for the vehicles which can forgery the increasing efforts of car thieves to steal the car. Furthermore, autonomous vehicles are expected to be on the road in next few years. Therefore, automakers have to increase the development as well as the integration of innovated system that increases the security of vehicles. The main purpose of integrating security system in automobiles is that it directly restricts the unauthorized users to use the vehicles.

The increasing number of vehicles theft had forced the government to impose certain laws and regulation related to thievery. So, these regulations will directly impulse the automakers to incorporate security features in the vehicles, which further contribute in minimizing the rate of vehicles theft.

For instance, U.S. Department of Transportation has passed a law named as Anti Car Theft Act 1992. The aim of this act is to put harsher penalties for several auto theft crimes, particularly carjacking. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, in 1919, National Motor Vehicle Theft Act has been passed for monitoring the interstate trafficking of the stolen vehicles.

Hence, rapid rise of vehicle theft across the world will positively provide growth opportunity to build safety and security system in vehicles.

Challeng: Global Vehicle Motorized Door Market


The remotes of central locking system are battery powered, thus making them prone to discharge and dying (sometimes without warning). This effectively locks the owners out of their own cars. Some cars are fitted with push button ignition that operates only when the key fob is nearby. Such vehicles have a physical key for unlocking and locking the doors, which may be hidden.

For the draining battery power, the major issue that has been observed is the contact between the vehicle and the keyless or remote key. If the contact between them is made for a longer period, then, it would drain the battery much faster.

Earlier, the car manufacturers were using the technology for keyless or remote entry car system and this worked for a short range of distance. But with the upgradation of technologies like electromagnetic radiation, the range has been increased which allows more connectivity and ultimately more battery drainage possibilities.

Thus, the issue like draining battery in the remotes of the locking systems of doors in vehicles is a concern for the automakers, thus this factor will be considered as a challenge for the market.

Market Trends

On the basis of component, the market is segmented into door handle sensor, actuators, NFC reader and others.

On the basis of technology, the market is segmented into power sliding, soft close and retractable door handle system.

On the basis of vehicle type, the market is segmented into passenger cars, commercial vehicles and electric vehicles.

Major Players: Global Vehicle Motorized Door Market

Some of the major players operating in this market are NXP Semiconductors, STRATTEC SECURITY CORPORATION, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Schaltbau Holding AG, Smartrac N.V., Kiekert AG, WITTE Automotive, Johnson Electric Holdings Limited, Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst GmbH & Co. KG, Continental AG, Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG, Valeo and others.