North America Coordinate Measuring Machine Market is Growing at a Significant Rate in the Forecast Period 2018-2025

Drivers: North America Coordinate Measuring Machine Market


Increasing need for quality inspection in automobile sector is a key factor driving the growth of the North America coordinates measuring machines market. The various machines are used for measurement in automotive industry such as coordinate measuring machines (CMM), optical lasers and others. The metrology machines are used in various industries such as military, power & energy, manufacturing and automotive. In the automotive industries, the CMM measures automotive parts such as doors, windows or whole car frame. There is increasing need for the inspection of automotive assembly plants to quality and monitor the production process. This need is driving the limitations of design and offering advance complex shapes, new materials, and cutting-edge techniques.

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 In the manufacturing industry the CMMs offer accurate and precise measurement services. The metrology machines are used for factory product inspection, calibration, and quality which save a lot of time.

 The usage of metrology devices in various industries for precise measurement of the product has increased its demand. Owing to rising demand in automotive industry across the globe is anticipated to boost the revenue of CMM market.

  • In 2018, FARO Technologies, Inc (U.S.), launched FARO Edge and Laser Line Probe. These new products were designed from the input of customers’ and built by experienced company experts. This will help the company with productivity maximization and in delivering the best performance in a portable arm CMM.
  • In 2018,Perceptron, Inc. (U.S.), launched a new product under the brand name In-Line Robot Guidance Solutions, which will help in improving the production efficiency as well as product quality in two of its vehicle programs. This includes three automated part load stations and another door hinge loading stations


There is an increase in awareness regarding the need to maintain the quality standard and supply standard product in various industries. The CMM helps in accurate measurement of products in various sectors such as automobile, medical device, construction and other industries. For instance, in the automotive industry the accurate measurement of the car parts is very crucial. Any inaccuracy can lead to fatal consequences after the product has been manufactured, which will affect the image of the company. The increasing demand of high quality standards is propelling the machining industry. The CMMS offers highly accurate and cost effective measuring equipment. The quality is in an important factor in various sectors. For the manufacturing industry quality can be defined as a product which will be exceeding the customer expectation. Hence, quality standards are required to make sure that companies are following the minimum requirements from food, automotive, healthcare to other industries.

  • According to an auto alliance company, in 2017 the automotive industry spent around USD 105.0 billion on R&D worldwide to improve the quality and standards of the vehicles. In the manufacturing industry the CMMs offer accurate and precise measurement services, which result into improving quality.
  • The various key players in the CMM market have certified products with various quality standards certifications. For instance, Perceptron, Inc. (U.S.), which is a North America metrology equipment and solutions provider, has ISO 9001:2015 Certification and Faro Technologies, Inc. (U.S.) has ISO 9001:2008 certification.


The metrology has applications in construction, energy & power, automotive, manufacturing. In the construction industry, planning and 3D documentation from initial design to final inspection is necessary at every stage to minimize rework and errors. The CMM comes with different in built software such as computer-aided design (CAD), which helps in the building information modelling (BIM) process to reduce the time and overall cost of the product needed in designing. In power & energy segment, CMM uses sensors to detect temperature variations and transfer of the information to the controller so. Various new programs are developed with the aim of developing metrological methods and techniques for the improvement of measurement infrastructure. The use of metrology devices is increasing in various industries such as automobile, construction, medical device, electronics and others. The requirement of precise results with accuracy in these industries has increased the demand of the products in market.

  • According to an article published by world economic forum, Crossrail which is one of the world’s largest infrastructure building companies is working on underground line being built across London. The designers and engineers working on this project are using a BIM databases for the integration of about 1.7 million CAD files in a single information model to minimize the work of the engineers.
  • Companies such as Hexagon AB manufacture CMMs for construction purpose which is cost effective and user friendly



The coordinate measuring machines are the systems designed which are used to determine coordinates of points on a work piece surface. They provide precise measurements of objects for various factors such as design, testing, assessment, profiling, and reverse engineering of parts. Due to the lack of skilled technicians working on the machine can lead to the errors at times.The need for skilled technicians to operate CMMs is on the rise along with the wages associated with the skilled labour. Therefore, the lack of technical experts in the metrology industry is hampering the growth of market.

  • The Hudson Institute projected the supply of skilled labor in the U.S. and estimated the supply and demand of skilled labor will not meet until 2050.


The CMMs market is witnessing the growth due to rapid innovation rates and the deployment of CMMs in wide range of applications. The set up cost for this device is very high and in manufacturing and acting as a key restraining factor for the market. Rising automation across the various industries is creating demand for installing CMMs in manufacturing industry.

 Various features are need to be kept in mind during installation of the CMMS such as the area where the machine will be set up should be clean, the technician handling the machine should be acquainted with the machine features and the software, and the machine should be fixed properly in a fixture. Moreover, the transportation cost of the machine should also be kept in mind during the installation of the metrology facilities. The software and components used in CMMs are very expensive and requires high maintenance.



Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is considered as one of the very important methods in manufacturing process. The rapid change and development in measurement technology are ruled by demands of accuracy and precision from various industries such as aerospace, automotive and other manufacturing industries. Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are available with different technologies and configurations to cater to customer demands. The, current CMMs products can meet needs of rapid and increased demands of customers to a greater extent. The usage of CMMs is increasing in various industries the key players are investing more in development of the CMMs products. This is positively affecting the growth of market.

  • Various key players have launched various new products and software for 3D CMM such as Quindos software manufactured by Hexagon AB (Sweden) is used for power plant, automotive and aerospace industries.
  • The products for metrology are being developed on large scale for instance, FARO Technologies, Inc (U.S.), launched FARO CAM2 SmartInspect 1.2, which is  first full-featured portable software for basic geometric measurements that can be done without CAD for products like FARO Laser Tracker and FaroArm


The digital transformation and increased need for quick and easy networking quality data have become a usual practice in industry in recent years. Various new trends such as ZEISS Metrology Cloud Services have made it easy to network data from measuring machines North America. As the cloud computing is a good prospect to store information, the technology is largely being used in measuring systems.  Various key players are making various developments by adopting cloud services to integrate the metrological data.  For instance ZEISS which is one of the major players of the market uses Microsoft cloud-platform azure for its metrology cloud services. The company has collaborated with Microsoft to develop solutions. These new technologies will decrease the costs of the networked measuring machines and enable them for efficient measurement. With the help of these new technologies thousands of coordinate measuring machines guarantee quality inspection in diverse production conditions.

Developing technologies such as cloud computing and big data are anticipated to be the drivers of the changing North Americanized market place.

  • According to an article published by cloud computing, in metrology in 2012 a study was conducted and it was found out that that the public cloud would generate USD 294.34 billion in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by the end of the year 2020 worldwide.



The Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are designed to measure a probe and in determining coordinates of points on the surface of the product. These machines provide perfect measurements of objects needed for design, testing, assessment, profiling, and reverse engineering of parts. There are different types of CMMs available in the market which offers wide range of applications such as Bridge-type CMMs, Horizontal-Arm CMMs, Gantry CMMs, Shop Floor CMMs and others..

It has been observed that each industry requires its own set of specifications pertaining to measurement product.  Hence, different types of CMMs are manufactured for different purpose which negatively affects the growth of coordinate machine measuring market.

  • There are different type of CMM used in industry such as bridge-type CMMs, horizontal arm CMMs and Gantry CMMs. Bridge-type CMMs are generally used for shop-floor capabilities, inspection, and fixture qualification. Whereas, the gantry CMMs are used in the inspection of car body components, aerospace industries or ship engine constructions. The horizontal arm CMMs on the other hand are used in both automotive industries and manufacturing industry. Gantry CMMs are majorly used in the automotive industry are majorly to thoroughly inspect the car body and detection of any errors.

Market Trends:

On the basis of Product type, the market is segmented into horizontal arm, gantry, bridge, articulated arm and cantilever, On the basis of Components, the market is segmented into machine structure, linear measurement transducers, probe system and computer hardware and software, On the basis of Industry, the market is segmented into automotive, aerospace, electronics and electrical, military, energy and power and others.

Major Players: North America Coordinate Measuring Machine Market

Some of the major players operating in the market are Wenzel, Chien Wei Precise Technology Co., ltd, Renishaw Plc, Creaform,Helmel Engineering Products, Inc., Werth Messtechnik Gmbh, Xi'an High-Tech Aeh Industrial Metrology Co.Ltd,Itp  Group,Nano (Xi'an) Metrology Co.,Ltd and Aberlink Ltd, Zeiss International (Subsidiary Of Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung), Faro Technologies, Inc, Hexagon AB,  Mitutoyo Corporation, Nikon Metrology NV, Perceptron, Inc, DUKIN Co. Ltd, International Metrology Systems, Metronor, TRIMEK among others.