Ready-to-fill cartridge for simple drug filling and final assembly

Pre-filled and pre-assembled for easy patient training and use

Clearly communicates via visual and audible signals before, during, and after injection

Unique electromechanical drive accommodates a range of viscosities and fill volumes


Wearable Injectors

For Physicians – Wearable injectors have the potential to improve therapy adherence. For Pharmaceutical Companies - Patients' quality of life can be significantly improved by eliminating the need to visit a healthcare facility. Wearable injectors have the potential to improve therapy adherence for physicians. For Payors - Payors, can create additional efficiencies in the healthcare system, potentially saving billions of dollars per year.

According to Data Bridge Market Research the wearable injectors market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.1% during the forecast period 2023-2030.

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Wearable Injectors are a Prime Illustration of How Medical Technology May Be Used to Improve Patient Care While Also Lowering Costs Throughout the Healthcare Sector


  • BD Libertas is a pre-assembled, effusively integrated mechanical WI designed to deliver 2-10 mL doses of high-viscosity biologics at up to 50 cP.
  • Extensive preclinical and clinical research informed BD Libertas' unique design and interface, resulting in a WI with few steps and little complexity.
  • Wearable injectors, in contrast to insulin pumps, are one-time use devices that are comfortably worn on the body while the medication is subcutaneously injected over a pre-programmed period of seconds or hours. They are taken out of the body and neatly disposed of after the entire dose has been injected.

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