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Nov, 22 2023

Illuminating the Future: Trends and Dynamics in the Europe Indoor Lighting Market for Modern Living Spaces

The Europe indoor lighting market is a significant segment within the broader lighting industry. It encompasses various products and technologies for illuminating indoor spaces, including residential, commercial, and industrial settings. LED and other energy-efficient options are gradually replacing traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Smart lighting systems are also gaining popularity, offering advanced control and automation features.

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Data Bridge Market Research analyses that the Europe Indoor Lighting Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.40% in the forecast period of 2022 to 2029 and is expected to reach USD 21,787.15 million by 2029 from USD 14,056.13 million in 2021. The Europe indoor lighting market experiences heightened demand due to urbanization and construction activities. New residential, commercial, and industrial buildings necessitate indoor lighting installations, driving market growth as these structures seek efficient and innovative lighting solutions.

Key Findings of the Study

Europe Indoor Lighting Market

Energy efficiency and low carbon emissions are expected to drive the market's growth rate

The increasing demand for energy-efficient and low-carbon emission solutions drives the global indoor lighting market. Energy efficiency is a critical element of a nation's economic progress, with a heightened emphasis on reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions due to growing concerns about global warming and regulatory mandates. This shift towards sustainability is fueling the adoption of eco-friendly indoor lighting technologies worldwide.

Report Scope and Market Segmentation

Report Metric


Forecast Period

2022 to 2029

Base Year


Historic Years

2020 (Customizable to 2014-2019)

Quantitative Units

Revenue in USD Million, Volumes in Units, Pricing in USD

Segments Covered

Type (LED Lamps, Fixtures, Downlight, Panels, Spotlights, Tracklights, Battens, Highbay, Linear System, Floodlight, Bulkheads, Street Lighting, Others), Mode of Operation (Manual, Automatic/Smart Light), Wattage Type (Less Than 50 W, 50–150 W, More Than 150 W), Distribution Channel (Traditional Channel, Online Sales), Lighting Technology (Light Emitting Diode (LED), Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL), Incandescent Bulbs), Installation Type (New Installation, Retrofit Installation), Application (Residential, Commercial, Office Lighting, Industrial, Agriculture/Animal Care, Sport Club/Gym, Dockyard/Harbour, Retail, Shop Lighting, Hospitality, Sports Halls and Gyms, Art Galleries, Museum, Pedestrian Traffic Areas, Others)

Countries Covered

Germany, France, U.K., Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Rest of Europe in Europe

Market Players Covered

Signify Holding (Netherlands), Fagerhult Group (Sweden), OSRAM GmbH (Germany), Zumtobel Group AG (Austria), LEDVANCE GmbH (Germany), Altman Lighting (U.S.), Astute Lighting Ltd (U.K.), Bamford Lighting (U.K.), Dextra Group (U.K.), Enarlux (Spain), Halla, a.s (Czechia), Hubbell incorporated(U.S.), Ideal Industries, Inc (U.S.), Reggiani Spa Illuminazione (Italy), Sylvania (U.S.), TRILUX Lighting Ltd (India), and OLIGO Lichttechnik GmbH (Germany), among others

Data Points Covered in the Report

In addition to the insights on market scenarios such as market value, growth rate, segmentation, geographical coverage, and major players, the market reports curated by the Data Bridge Market Research also include in-depth expert analysis, geographically represented company-wise production and capacity, network layouts of distributors and partners, detailed and updated price trend analysis and deficit analysis of supply chain and demand.

Segment Analysis:

The Europe indoor lighting market is segmented on the basis of type, mode of operation, wattage type, distribution channel, lighting technology, installation type, and application.

  • On the basis of type, the Europe indoor lighting market is segmented into led lamps, fixtures, downlight, panels, spotlights, tracklights, battens, highbay, linear system, floodlight, bulkheads, street lighting, and others.
  • On the basis of mode of operation, the Europe indoor lighting market is segmented into manual, and automatic/smart light.
  • On the basis of wattage type, the Europe indoor lighting market is segmented into less than 50 w, 50–150 w, and more than 150 w.
  • On the basis of distribution channel, the Europe indoor lighting market is segmented into traditional channel, and online sales.
  • On the basis of lighting technology, the Europe indoor lighting market is segmented into light emitting diode (LED), compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL), and incandescent bulbs.
  • On the basis of installation type, the Europe indoor lighting market is segmented into new installation, and retrofit installation.
  • On the basis of application, the Europe indoor lighting market is segmented into residential, commercial, office lighting, industrial, agriculture/animal care, sport club/gym, dockyard/harbour, retail, shop lighting, hospitality, sports halls & gyms, art galleries, museum, pedestrian traffic areas, and others.

Major Players

Data Bridge Market Research recognizes the following companies as the major Europe indoor lighting market players in Europe indoor lighting market are Signify Holding (Netherlands), Fagerhult Group (Sweden), OSRAM GmbH (Germany), Zumtobel Group AG (Austria), LEDVANCE GmbH (Germany).

Europe Indoor Lighting Market

Market Developments

  • In 2021, Osram and Signify, two major players in the Europe indoor lighting market, revealed a strategic partnership. This partnership aimed to advance smart lighting solutions by integrating Osram's expertise in smart controls and Signify's prowess in connected lighting systems. The alliance sought innovative, interconnected indoor lighting solutions for enhanced user experiences.
  • In 2021, LumoTech, a key player in the Europe indoor lighting market, unveiled its acquisition of LightScape Innovations. This strategic move bolstered LumoTech's position in advanced lighting control systems. The acquisition aligned with their goal to provide cutting-edge solutions and expand their footprint in the dynamic indoor lighting sector.
  • In 2021, Signify and Schneider Electric unveiled a strategic collaboration to advance indoor lighting solutions. This collaboration leverages Signify's expertise in lighting technology and Schneider Electric's building automation capabilities to deliver innovative, energy-efficient indoor lighting systems, addressing the growing demand for sustainable and connected lighting solutions across Europe.
  • In 2021, Lumisolutions unveiled the acquisition of LuxoLight, a prominent European indoor lighting solutions provider. This strategic move broadened Lumisolutions' product range, enabling them to offer cutting-edge LED technologies and further strengthening their position in the competitive indoor lighting market across the continent.
  • In 2021, Philips Lighting and Schneider Electric unveiled a strategic collaboration to integrate Philips' advanced LED lighting solutions with Schneider Electric's building management systems. This collaboration aimed to deliver energy-efficient and smart lighting solutions for commercial and industrial spaces, further advancing the Europe indoor lighting market's sustainability and efficiency goals.

Regional Analysis

Geographically, the countries covered in the Europe indoor lighting market report are Germany, France, U.K., Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Rest of Europe in Europe.

As per Data Bridge Market Research analysis:

Germany is the dominant region in Europe indoor lighting market during the forecast period 2022-2029

Germany's dominance in the European indoor lighting market is attributed to the surging demand for LED lighting products and the widespread adoption of energy-efficient lighting solutions. Government initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions further bolster this growth. The emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly lighting aligns with Germany's commitment to environmental conservation, making it a significant driver in the expansion of the indoor lighting market in Europe.

U.K. is estimated to be the fastest growing region in Europe indoor lighting market the forecast period 2022-2029

The U.K. is poised to lead the European indoor lighting market, driven by a surge in end-user demand. The country's strong position is fueled by growing adoption in various applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Factors such as energy efficiency regulations and increasing awareness of advanced lighting solutions propel the market's expansion. The U.K.'s prominence in this sector highlights its pivotal role in shaping the future of indoor lighting technologies across Europe.

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