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Ovivo, Veoila, Mekorot, SUEZ are Dominating the Market for Middle East & Africa in 2018


The company founded in 1999 and headquartered In Canada. Ovivo is majorly involved in providing wastewater treatment services technology, and equipment, for municipal, equipment, and electronics markets. Company offers, cooling water treatment, wastewater treatment, filtration products, boiler feed water treatment, and wastewater treatment products worldwide.

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  • In September 2016, Ovivo Inc. announced the conclusion of the agreement with the Paques (U.S.), this agreement was for the ANAMMOX Technology in the North American Municipal Market. The concept of ANAMMOX technology has enhanced the capacity of the company.
  • In September 2018, Ovivo Inc. signed an exclusive agreement with the DC Water (U.S.) for the patented technology post-aerobic digestion Process – Digestive PAD. This agreement will help the company to stabilize their water business segment.


The company founded in 1853 and is based in France. It’s a public company which provide services in the area of water treatment,  waste treatment and energy treatment.. The company has global presence in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America, North America, and Asia Pacific. SNVE, Veoila Global Solutions are s_ome of the subsidiaries of the company

  • In June 2018, The company reported a partnership agreement on radioactive waste processing and nuclear plant decommissioning with the company EDF Energy, UK.

Both the companies also entered into a partnership contract to co-develop remote control solutions for vitrifying radioactive waste and for disassembling natural uranium graphite gas reactors, in France and worldwide.



The company founded in 1937, and is based in Israel. It’s a private company which operates various type of sludge and water treatment services such as desalination, drilling, hydrology and waste water treatment among others. The company has presence in Africa, Cyprus, India, Argentina, Azerbaijan and Europe.

The company provide both conventional wastewater treatment and conventional wastewater treatment as well.




The company was founded in 1858 and based in France. SUEZ provides services for the water and waste management and operate in 5 countries.  SUEZ provides water treatment services to local authorities as well as industrial clients. Company is also engaged in waste collection and treatment services, including collection, sorting, recycling, composting, energy recovery, and landfilling for non-hazardous and hazardous waste.


In September 2018, SUEZ announced the join agreement with the Jiangsu Sino French Water (China) to expand their waste water plant in the China. This joint venture will show a significant social and economic impact.

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