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Jan, 29 2024

Revolutionizing Health: Unveiling Breakthroughs and Trends in the Human Microbiome Market's Diverse Product Landscape

The human microbiome market features diverse products addressing varied health needs. Probiotics and prebiotics promote gut health, fostering microbial balance. Diagnostic tests enable personalized healthcare by assessing microbial composition. Drugs and supplements leverage microbiome insights for targeted therapeutic benefits. Fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) stands out as a groundbreaking treatment. Innovative products in this evolving landscape contribute to a deeper understanding of the microbiome's health role, shaping the future of personalized medicine.

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Data Bridge Market Research analyses that the U.S. Human Microbiome Market value, which was USD 275.15 million in 2021, is expected to reach the value of USD 1,528.06 million by 2029, at a CAGR of 23.9% during the forecast period 2022-2029. The escalating awareness of the microbiome's pivotal role in health drives demand within the human microbiome market. As consumers increasingly recognize its impact, the market experiences heightened interest and a surge in demand for products catering to microbiome health and balance.

Key Findings of the Study

Human Microbiome Market

Rising prevalence of chronic diseases is expected to drive the market's growth rate

The prevalence of chronic diseases is a significant driver in the human microbiome market, prompting the development of microbiome-targeted therapies. With an increasing understanding of the microbiome's role in maintaining health, the market responds to the rising demand for innovative solutions. Microbiome-targeted therapies aim to address chronic conditions, offering a new frontier in healthcare. This driver underscores the market's focus on developing tailored interventions to manage and prevent chronic diseases through microbiome modulation.

Report Scope and Market Segmentation

Report Metric


Forecast Period

2022 to 2029

Base Year


Historic Years

2020 (Customizable to 2014-2019)

Quantitative Units

Revenue in USD Million, Volumes in Units, Pricing in USD

Segments Covered

Product (Probiotics, Prebiotics, Diagnostic Tests, Drugs, Supplements, Fecal Microbiota Transplant, and Others), Application (Therapeutic and Diagnostic), Disease (Infectious Disease, Dermatological Disorders, Autoimmune Disorder, Metabolic Disorder, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Cancer, Mental Disorders, C. Difficile Infection, Primary Hyperoxyureasolution-Phase and Others), Technology (Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics), Type (Small Molecule and Biologic), End Users (Hospital Pharmacies, Retail Pharmacies, Online Pharmacies, Hypermarket/Supermarket, Clinics and Others), Distributor (Direct Tender and Retail Sales)

Market Players Covered

4D Pharma plc (U.K.), Evelo Biosciences, Inc. (U.S.), Viome Life Sciences, Inc. (U.S.), Finch Therapeutics Group, Inc. (U.S.), OptiBiotix Health PLC (U.K.), BiomX (Israel), Sun Genomics (U.S.), Metabiomics (U.S.), Osel Inc (U.S.), Ferring B.V. (Switzerland), Merck KGaA (Germany), Assembly Biosciences, Inc. (U.S.), Synthetic Biologics, Inc. (U.S.), FlightPath Biosciences, Inc. (U.S.), Vedanta Biosciences, Inc. (U.S.), Second Genome (U.S.)

Data Points Covered in the Report

In addition to the insights on market scenarios such as market value, growth rate, segmentation, geographical coverage, and major players, the market reports curated by the Data Bridge Market Research also include depth expert analysis, patient epidemiology, pipeline analysis, pricing analysis, and regulatory framework.

Segment Analysis:

The U.S. human microbiome market is segmented into product, application, technology, type, disease, end users, and distributors.

  • On the basis of product, the U.S. human microbiome market is segmented into probiotics, prebiotics, diagnostic tests, drugs, supplements, fecal microbiota transplant, and others
  • On the basis of application, the U.S. human microbiome market is segmented into therapeutic and diagnostic
  • On the basis of disease, the U.S. human microbiome market is segmented into infectious disease, dermatological disorders, autoimmune disorder, metabolic disorder, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, mental disorders, C. difficile infection, primary hyperoxyureasolution-phase, and others
  • On the basis of technology, the U.S. human microbiome market is segmented into genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics
  • On the basis of type, the U.S. human microbiome market is segmented into small molecule and biologic
  • On the basis of end users, the U.S. human microbiome market is segmented into hospital pharmacies, retail pharmacies, online pharmacies, hypermarket/supermarket, clinics, and others
  • On the basis of distributor, the U.S. human microbiome market is segmented into direct tender and retail sales

Major Players

Data Bridge Market Research recognizes the following companies as the U.S. human microbiome market players in U.S. human microbiome market are 4D Pharma plc (U.K.), Evelo Biosciences, Inc. (U.S.), Viome Life Sciences, Inc. (U.S.), Finch Therapeutics Group, Inc. (U.S.), OptiBiotix Health PLC (U.K.).

U.S. Human Microbiome Market

Market Developments

  • In 2022, Seres Therapeutics Inc achieved a significant milestone by completing the submission of a Biologics License Application (BLA) to the FDA for SER-109, a pioneering treatment for preventing recurrent C. difficile infection (rCDI). This innovative therapy represents a transformative approach, aiming to enhance and redefine the current standard of care for rCDI
  • In 2022, Ferring Pharmaceuticals achieved a pivotal milestone as the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee of the FDA delivered a positive vote for RBX2660. This investigational microbiota-based live biotherapeutic exhibits potential to reduce the recurrence of C. difficile infection (CDI) post-antibiotic treatment, marking a significant advancement in combating CDI recurrence
  • In 2021, PhenoBiome launched a human microbiome assay, accessible through Genetic Direction, enabling assays to be conducted in PhenoBiome's CLIA & CAP-certified laboratory. This collaboration enhances accessibility to advanced microbiome analysis, ensuring reliable and high-quality results in a certified setting, thereby contributing to advancements in understanding and leveraging the human microbiome
  • In 2021, NovoBiome launched NovoSift, a groundbreaking research and discovery platform. This innovative tool explores the intricate symbiotic connection between the microbiota and the human gut. NovoSift promises to advance our understanding of this relationship, opening new avenues for research and potential breakthroughs in microbiome-related health discoveries

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