Digital payments and e-commerce have undergone significant shifts recently, transforming how people buy and make purchases of goods and services. Digital payments have made transactions more streamlined, quick, and secure, while e-commerce has ushered in a new era of online shopping.

Digital payments and e-commerce have seen a rapid upheaval in recent years, driven by changes in buying habits and technological improvements. As we move forward, e-commerce and digital payments will continue to be significant forces behind innovation and economic progress worldwide. The growing acceptance of mobile payments is one of the most important trends influencing the future of digital payments. Mobile payments are gaining popularity as more individuals utilize smartphones and other mobile devices to carry out daily activities. A major portion of all digital payments are expected to be made via mobile devices by 2025, indicating that this trend will continue in the coming years.

The increasing significance of artificial intelligence and machine learning is another development that is likely to influence the future of digital payments and e-commerce. These forms of technology are already in use to enhance fraud protection and detection and give customers a more personalized shopping experience. Additionally, digital payments and e-commerce are anticipated to be significantly impacted by blockchain technology in the future. This technology is the best option for digital payments since it offers a safe, decentralized method of value transmission.

Client Challenges

The client wanted to analyze opportunities for new product launches and business expansion of their digital payments and online shopping platform/solution business.

Client approached Data Bridge Market Research to understand the current digital payments and online shopping/e-commerce market scenario. The client asked for the following information/requirements:

  • Potential/addressable market size for their product portfolio
  • Future growth rate for the required market
  • Key factors influencing the adoption of digital payments and online shopping platforms
  • Competitive analysis of leading market players
  • Consumer behavior and buying patterns
  • Current and future technological trends related to mobile payments and e-commerce
  • Regulatory factors for launching new product and business expansion in the market

Dbmr Approach/Research Methodology

Data Bridge Market Research followed in-depth market research to provide valuable insights based on client requirements. DBMR’s approach or research methodology for digital payment and online shopping market is explained below:

  • DBMR followed top-down and bottom-up market research approach for extensive market analysis
  • DBMR conducted primary and secondary research to collect market-related data. This data was then used to analyze the global, regional and country-level analysis of market trends. This also include segment level analysis in each country mentioned in the report

    • Primary research includes e-mail interactions and telephone interviews with industry experts such as CEO, V.P., Marketing Managers, Sales Managers and Executives, Engineers and Developers in digital payment and online shopping industry
    • Secondary research methodology includes data published by government, annual reports, press releases, investor presentations of companies, white papers, certified publications, market related associations and organizations and verified databases

  • Company comparative analysis through product mapping and company profiling
  • Analysis of key drivers, restraints, opportunities and challenges which can impact the overall market growth of digital payment and online shopping/e-commerce

This methodology was used to deliver results related to client requirements.

Outcome And Business Impact

The outcome and business impact of this research include

  • Global, regional and country level addressable market size along with growth rate for upcoming years
  • DBMR also provided factors influencing the adoption of digital payment and online shopping, along with insights related to consumer behavior and buying patterns
  • The report includes recent technological advancements along with future scope for improvements in the market-related products
  • Company share analysis part helped the client to understand the global as well as regional market competition for their product offerings
  • In-depth market size in terms of products and solutions has helped the client to understand the market potential in each segment of the market
  • Analysis of regional and country-level regulatory factors for launching new products and business expansion has helped the client to make different strategies before entering or investing in untapped market
  • DBMR delivered overall insights on futuristic trends of digital payment and e-commerce industry to the client


Data Bridge Market Research was able to provide in-depth qualitative as well as quantitative market analysis with the help of market research methodology. All parameters required by the client were included in the research study. DBMR provided the client with actionable intelligence against its major competitors and changing market dynamics which helped the client to analyze the company’s growth changes in terms of penetration, technology, and future endeavors enabling the client to make business strategies. 

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