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Denmark Introduces a COVID-19 Passport:

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  • Jun 15, 2021

A modern problem needs a modern solution and hence, government and political leaders are now developing a new kind of passport, namely, Coronapas to travel from one country to another and it will carry all your health-related data. The pandemic hit us severely and people are suffering a lot from coronavirus, even the non-essential businesses can use the active passport to show the validation and proof of vaccination and their negative test report is also being observed, from the last 72 hours. Countries are putting all their effort to know the data of vaccinated people. Denmark is one of the countries which have become one of the first in Europe to provide and implement this technology oriented system, that is, a Covid-19 pass scheme that is helpful for re-opening of nonessential business. The non-essential businesses have been highly affected by a coronavirus. There are huge chances of getting infected and that’s why, the government always tries to build a new framework through which a new way of living practice can be achieved. 

This discovery is great as it is not provoking any kind of physical touch. Some people are not used to operate high-end technological interfaces because they at some point of life, faced difficulty using them. The best thing about this interface is that it is simple and there is no complex registration process for acquiring the passport. The application is simply available on the play store and anyone can download it very easily. People can also share their data but it is really private.

The passport currently allows citizens to access certain non-essential businesses including, hairdressers, beauty salons, and driving schools. With the end goal of reopening the economy by 21 May, Denmark's government estimates it will have vaccinated the majority of people over the age of 50 by then. The Scandinavian country aims to expand passport usage to include terraces, which are due to open on 21 April, and eventually to museums, theatres, restaurants, and cinemas from 6 May. The European Commission is currently working on the 'Digital Green Certificate as European leaders have called for an EU-wide vaccine passport as a 'matter of urgency.