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Disrupted Sleep Patterns Can Cause Death:

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  • Jun 18, 2021

Lack of sleep is commonly found in today’s generation and they are indeed suffering a lot because of insomnia problem. Proper sleep of around 7-8 hours is very essential for everybody, especially amid the busy lifestyle we have chosen for ourselves. There is a state of unconsciousness in which people cannot think properly and also, can’t focus on anything. It is the first time researchers have studied and analyzed the situation and they can successfully establish a strong link between the frequency and time limit of unconsciously awakening during night. It enhances the risk of dying as it causes an imbalance in our cardio system. This disease of heart and blood vessels is more commonly found in women as compared to men. Nowadays, many people are dying from sudden heart attack and this is happening because of several reasons. One of the reasons is that they don’t follow a healthy food routine which is one of the crucial factors which is responsible for your health as the fat content blocks your blood vessels due to which, it is problematic to intake oxygen

Oblivious wakefulness, otherwise called cortical excitement, is an ordinary piece of rest. It happens unexpectedly and is essential for the body's capacity to react to possibly risky circumstances, for example, commotion or breathing getting discouraged. Agony, limb movement, injury, temperature, and light can likewise be triggered. Dominik Linz, associate professor in the cardiology department at Maastricht University Medical Center explained the above phenomena. A common trigger for nocturnal arousals is obstructive sleep apnea, that is, when our breathing stops and the arousal system ensures the activation of our body to change our sleep position and to reopen the upper airway. A study published in the European Heart Journal, involved around 8000 men and women. After analyzing it was found that, most of them were facing risk due to unconscious awakening.