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Microbes Might Treat Neurological Syndromes:

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  • Jul 07, 2021

New research suggests that microbes present in our gut might be helpful to analyze specific symptoms which are associated with few types of neurological disorders. If we see our brain structure, it is compound and there are many receptors that helps to maintain the connection, sending the signal and communicating in the form of neuron signals. A brain performs multiple tasks, simultaneously. Many researchers and experts in the field of neurology have put efforts like Dr. Mauro Costa Mattioli, a professor, Cullen foundation of neuroscience and director of the memory and brain research center at Baylor. They discovered that by the host’s genes and microbiomes, different abnormal behaviors are interdependently regulated.

More importantly from a therapeutic perspective, they found that treatment with a specific microbe promotes the production of compounds in the biopterin family in the gut. Also, the treatment with a metabolically active biopterin molecule improved the social behavior but not the motor activities. We are the bearers of both host and microbial genes. While most of the focus has traditionally been in host genes; the gut microbiome and the community of microorganisms that live within us are also other important sources of genetic information.

The work by Costa-Mattioli's gathering offers an alternate perspective about neurological problems where both human and microbial qualities connect with one another and add to the condition. Their discoveries additionally propose that powerful medicines should be aimed at both the cerebrum and the gut to completely address all indications. Moreover, they open the likelihood that other complex conditions, like cancer, diabetes, viral contamination or other neurological problems may have a microbiome component.

In spite of the relative multitude of scientific advances and the guarantee of gene control, it is as yet hard to regulate human qualities to treat illnesses, however tweaking our microbiome is definitely fascinating and a noninvasive alternative.