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Reading Mind with Ultrasound - A Great Technique:

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  • Jun 29, 2021

A brain imaging process is used to predict what is happening inside a person's mind. This is a very unique process and this study was found in the California institute of technology. The mind is one of the most complex structures and in the brain, there is a lot of functionality happening at a time and the multi-functions are performed in the brain from time to time. A mind thinks, processes, pass information, deals with emotions and what not. As you are reading this article whatever comes to your mind is dependent on what you think and how you react to it is. This decision-making process is a very crucial process of the brain because it tells everything about the movement we will be doing next. In other words, the brain neurons talk to each other and pass signals to your muscles so that your muscles can move accordingly.

Innovative people’s creativity is the product of the right hemisphere as it develops in that part only. Innovative people are considered as right-brain thinker because their right part is more active and all of their thought processes takes places from that region only. While left-brain thinkers are considered to be great in analytical and logical thinking. Neuroscientists got shocked after they found out these results and they have argued that there is not enough evidence to support this kind of idea and ability as complex as human creativity.

The level of creativity can go up to any level. By taking into consideration how brain activity changes with experience, this research may contribute to the development of new methods for training people to be creative in their field. For instance, when a person is an expert, his or her performance is produced primarily by relatively unconscious.