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Sanitizer in The Form of Plasma Device:

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  • Jun 15, 2021

Covid-19 has cast a harsh light on some things which we urgently need and which are difficult to find. These things have now become scarce because the demand has constantly increased. It has become necessary to sanitize everything, especially the high-touch objects which include, windows doorknobs, pens, paper, pencil, personal protective gear to keep infections from rapidly spreading. The pandemic has created a high risk of spreading infections and lots of people are dying due to it. This infecting is spreading quickly because there is a free space for bacteria so that they move in any direction very easily. Sanitization keeps humans away from infection by a good percentage and helps them to maintain a clean environment near them. Their demand is also high and hence the use of it has  rapidly increased but there are also lots of disadvantages of using a sanitizer more frequently as it can harm your skin tissues so it is recommended to use sanitizer at a normal rate. Excess use of it can result in severe skin disease which is not curable.

Now a scientist at the US Department of Energy did some potential research and great discovery with their experience. Princeton plasma physics Laboratory and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) have successfully able to show the first flexible, handheld device which is based on very advanced technology and that technology is low-temperature plasma. It is a gas that contains atoms, molecules, and free-floating electrons and mixed ions and this a very quick processing technology so that users can be able to use it very easily without any complications to disinfect surfaces without any kind of special training and high skills to use it. 

According to a few new experiments it is being seen that the prototype which operates easily at room temperature under normal conditions of atmosphere and the pressure present in the atmosphere can be able to eliminate 99.99 percentages of active bacteria effectively. It also includes disinfecting textiles and heavy metals. When used with the antiseptic hydrogen peroxide the device has been able to show a still higher 99.999 % of effectiveness. It will be similarly effective when it comes to fighting with viruses said the scientist. Now the team is opening up new possibilities by testing it now with human viruses and will record how much % it is effective.