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Telehealth Services: A Gift in Pandemic Era:

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  • Jul 02, 2021

In the time of pandemic, there was an early stage where people suffered from many things and lived in fear of infecting each other thinking their survival rate will decrease. New York State has a great policy in place that allows providers to bill Medicaid telehealth services. Telemedicine services turned out to be a relevant solution to the problem, and most people who did not have access to an adequate healthcare solution received telemedicine services. As a result, this had a huge impact on Good will NYNJ's ability to meet the precise needs of its mentally ill population. However, since the organization serves a vulnerable population with limited access to technology, it called for a way in which people can provide service. The proposal developed by the company is to buy laptops for employees, as they have used desktop computers in the office that cannot be moved from one location to another, and tablets for individuals according to their needs in its PROS program to buy. Overall, the tablets have made treatment and socialization more accessible. One program had a holiday party, the counselor facilitated a scavenger hunt and a dance contest. While the level of competence in the use of technology varies, all of those who have opted to use the tablets have caught on quickly.

The time of the pandemic got everyone in trouble as the lifestyle of the people stopped and they could not do their daily work very well. Many people were unemployed at the time, and so everyone faced many problems. Developers, designers and other professionals contributed very well to the pandemic. Much technology has been developed to fight the pandemic. The online interface was created to simplify things and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Goodwill NYNJ used a $ 436,000 grant from the FCC to purchase tablets and other fully automated tech devices, including laptops and access points, to empower caregivers. This is very helpful in caring for low income people who cannot afford high levels of treatment and this has been actively implemented in both states. The trend of work from home emerged in all the economies and due to this, the New York-based Goodwill NYNJ office had to close due to this stay-at-home order implemented in March 2020.