Polar Chromatography Solvents is expected to dominate the Asia Pacific chromatography solvents market in the future years 2016 to 2022” – A new report by Data Bridge Market Research

Asia-Pacific Chromatography Solvents Market – Trends and Forecast to 2022 (By Type – Polar, Non Polar); (By Technology – LCMS, HPLC, UHPLC); (By Application – Analytical, Preparative Chromatography); By End-User and (By Geography - North America, Europe, APAC, Rest of the World)

Chromatography is a technique used for the analysis, separation and purification of complex mixtures. The introduction of chromatography techniques like HPLC and gas chromatography have brought a paradigm shift in this market, enabling researchers to separate compounds of high degree of complexity from small volume of sample. Chromatography is majorly used to by FDA and other medical approval agencies for food and drug safety approvals. It may also be used in lead compound quality control, content uniformity tests, assay, evaluation of related compounds and stability testing. Chromatography techniques are widely used in biotechnology applications such as separation of monoclonal antibodies, proteins, nucleic acids and many other biomolecules. The increasing usage of chromatography in environmental testing, food safety and drug development is expected to drive the chromatography solvents market.

Based on End-Users the chromatography solvents are mostly used in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in 2015 followed by academics, research and government institutes, environmental, cosmetic industry, and food and beverage industry segments.

Some of the major players operating in this market are EMD-Millipore, Avantor Performance Materials, Tedia Company, Inc., Regis Technologies, Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., VWR International, Qualikems Fine Chem Pvt. Ltd. among others.

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