Sharing of Rich Media Content over Social Networking Sites and Utilization of Internet Services for Multiple End Users are the driving factors for France Content Delivery Network (CDN) Market on global scale

Drivers: France Content Delivery Network (CDN) Market


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With the heavy use of live content over the web, content delivery network comes up with a service of optimizing and enhancing the speed of live content delivery by establishing a distributed network of web servers across the globe, which enables replicas of content throughout the network so the copies of the content exist at multiple edges or nodes at a time. It allows a user to access the content’s copy available in the nearest web server (geographically), which helps in enhancing the content delivery in a reliable manner along with reducing the latency and accelerating the load time of websites. For an instance, in August 2015, Facebook introduced its Facebook Live Service, which enables its users to capture and stream the live video on the Facebook and in this the viewers can interact simultaneously.


In today’s world, other than originally formed internet services, every other industry is getting online and offers its services on internet, such as automotive, finance & insurance, jobs & education, computer & consumer electronics, and travel & tourism among others. Web servers located at one single place may face various problems in handling multiple workloads among such extensive number of users, which hampers the performance and efficiency of the website significantly. Further, users access a number of applications, such as streaming audio & video, interactive multimedia applications, along with dynamic and static web pages across millions of websites, which need robust and efficient network infrastructures. For an instance, Akamai offers CDN services for automotive, business services, financial services, healthcare & life sciences, hotel & travel, manufacturing, media & entertainment, online gaming, public sector, retail & consumer goods, software & technology, software as a service, and startups, in order to meet the specific needs of the business.



It is seen that pricing differs based on the regions, for an instance, first 10TB per month costs USD 0.04/GB in North America and Europe, USD 0.10/GB in Asia/Oceania, and USD 0.14/GB in South Africa and South America, yet its pricing is a restraining factor for the market. In addition, prices depends on the fact that how much an individual wants the website to be hooked up with CDN on a monthly basis, and different companies offer different varied features with varied pricing. For an instance, MaxCDN offers 250GB at USD 21, CloudFare offers the same data at free or at USD 20 and USD 200 which is completely based on the plan, Amazon offers 250GB at USD 24 and Fastly offers it at USD 30. Content delivery market can be restrained by the fact that it includes some additional costs on a monthly basis. Costs are expected to grow due to high demand of CDN, which may hinder the growth of the market



Information and communication technology has been transformed rapidly over the past 20 years with a major development being the emergence of social networking websites or applications. The pace of this change has also been accelerated; for example, the development of mobile technology has impacted the growth of social media. For an instance, mobile devices dominate in terms of total time spent online, across the globe. The worldwide number of social media users has increased exponentially over the years.



Adaptive bit-rate streaming strategies enable minimal buffering and load-time, and provide quicker start-time for users according to their network bandwidth and device capabilities. Multiple bit-rate files are created and uploaded at multiple streaming locations and the adaptive bit-rate streaming-aware players request the suitable bit-rate files according to the network bandwidth conditions. Content delivery network faces challenges when it is introduced into such infrastructure where same file is available at the multiple bit-rates, as it may cause buffering due to network fluctuation until all the segments of the files of all bit-rates are available at each web server.

This challenge is experienced by first few users in business-to-consumer (B2C) applications but it is more pronounced in business-to-business (B2B) applications since the number of users accessing media content is smaller, and the number of users that are in the early user category may be relatively larger.

Market Trends:

  • On the basis of type, the market is segmented into non video CDN, video CDN
  • On the basis of service provider, the market is segmented into peer to peer, traditional CDN, cloud CDN, distributed database, telco CDN and others.
  • On the basis of solution, the market is segmented into data security and cloud storage, DRM and transcoding, transparent caching, web performance optimization, media delivery and video indexing.
  • On the basis of organization size, the market is segmented into small & medium enterprises, large enterprises.
  • On the basis of end user, the market is segmented into mobile operators, online gaming, healthcare, advertising, educational institutions, internet service providers (ISPs), retail and e-commerce, public sector and others.

Major Players: France Content Delivery Network (CDN) Market

Some of the major players operating in this market are Akamai Technologies, Google,Verizon Digital Media Services, CenturyLink, Oracle, Limelight, Networks Amazon Web Services, Anevia, Cedexis Inc., Cloudflare, Inc, Edgeware AB, Fastly, IncInternap Corporations, StackPath,LLC Synamedia Telefonaktibolaget LM Ericsson, Velocixand and others.