Global Cell Counting Devices Market: Enhancing Demands for Technologically Advanced Solutions Improves the Adoption Rate

Global Cell Counting Devices Market

Cell counting devices are life-science related medical devices which are used for the assessment of blood count and cell count on the samples extracted from patient. These devices assist in identifying the concentration of cells in blood of patients which can then be utilized in a variety of research applications.

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The main factors boosting the market are:

  • Increasing incidences and demand for diagnostics for cancer, infectious and chronic diseases: Due to the rising prevalence of cancer, infectious and various other chronic diseases researchers have focused on developing diagnostics solutions that can be utilized for accurate detection and isolation of diseases. This diagnosis helps in providing better quality of treatment in earlier phase as with the help of cell counting correct diagnosis can be achieved. This trend is giving rise to enhanced rate of adoption for the medical device
  • Increasing investments in healthcare infrastructure: One of the most significant factors that is acting as an integral growth driver for cell counting devices is the large levels of expenditure incurred on enhancement of healthcare infrastructure relating to instruments, assets, technologies and other solutions relating to modernized services. This expenditure is creating valuable opportunities for various medical device manufacturers as many of their prospective customers are adopting greater volume of products that can enhance the overall quality of services as well as efficiency

The market is segmented on the basis of product type as consumables & accessories, instruments; end-user as hospitals, diagnostic centers, research institutes, pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies.

Some of the recent market developments are as follows:

  • In June 2019, DeNovix Inc. announced that they had been awarded U.S. Patent “10,302,568” in relation to their innovations for cell counting product, “The CellDrop Automated Cell Counter” equipped with DirectPipette technology. It eradicates the need for slide usage in cell counting. The CellDrop Series is based on image-based cell counting and includes permanent sample surfaces which are used for the formulation of reusable sample chambers. The patent has been awarded for this reusable sample surface technology which eases the overall process of cell analysis
  • In February 2018, Corning Incorporated along with CytoSMART Technologies B.V. announced that they had agreed for establishing Corning Incorporated to be the exclusive distributor for CytoSMART’s latest cell counting instrument. This latest instrument will help in simplifying the workflow and automating different processes for cell culture laboratories

 “According to Data Bridge Market Research, global cell counting devices market is expected to reach USD 16.13 billion by 2026, growing at a substantial CAGR during the forecast period of 2019 to 2026”

Some of the major players operating in the market are DeNovix Inc., CytoSMART Technologies B.V., Corning Incorporated, Merck KGaA, GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., PerkinElmer Inc., Tecan Trading AG., BD, Biotek Instruments Inc., Danaher, Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Cadmus Distribution Group Limited, Sysmex Corporation, Abbott, Agilent Technologies Inc, Siemens Healthcare Private Limited among others.

With the focus of various end-users and applicable organizations wanting to adopt more technologically advanced solutions for their healthcare needs. This trend is creating a favorable commercial environment for manufacturers of modern medical devices as they can help in improving the efficiency and quality of services being provided by the consuming end-users.