Rising Number of Satellite Launch, Increasing Installation of Small Satellites are Expected to Drive Global Dish Antennas Market in the forecast period of 2019 to 2026

Drivers: Global Dish Antennas Market 

Rising Installation of Small Satellites

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It has been observed that the deployment or installation of small satellites has been increased widely across the globe as it enables the transmission of real-time information in this highly virtual network world.

The average yearly U.S. market share is nearly 44% of the global satellite industry which states that US is one of the most dominant country in the world if it comes to satellite and dish antenna.

The reason behind the US is one of the most dominating region in this market because its development and advancement in Telecommunications and space science where the usage of antenna and dish is the most. Telecommunication industry and space science industry is highly growing market where U.S. entities operate nearly 594 satellites. This states that increasing market size, demand and importance of satellite is driving the demand for dish antenna.

Rising Number of Satellites Launch

It has been observed that the number of satellite launch is increasing year by year across the globe for better telecommunication service and smooth flow of information transmission. Generally launch industry consist of Launch Services and Launch Vehicles and the U.S. share of global launch revenues increased from 34% in 2015 to 40% in 2016. For an another instance, nearly 40% of commercially procured launch revenues is from US this is due to nearly 32% of global launching revenue was from U.S. government satellites.

In year 2016 nearly 85 launch attempts were being made which has been increased to 90 launch attempt in year 2017. In this nearly 33% was being made from US with 0% failure. These numbers are increasing year by year due to increased focus on space science,telecommunication in this highly digital world, and rising importance of easy data transmission. A developed region such as Global is more focused on satellite launches which increase the scope of capitalizing the high potential market.


Problem Related to Transmission of the Signals

The major problem with dish antenna is they are generally wireless in nature which has some major disadvantages such as slow transmission speed as compared to wired, transmission failure due to loss of signals and many more. As the size of the antenna increases the problem related to outdoor management increases which may hinder this particular market.

For dish antenna, some of the major reasons for signal transmission failure are:

  • Manufacturing defects may appear in the mounting bracket
  • Harsh weather condition may lead to ineffective loading or transmission of signals
  • Unexpected load may result in loss of frequency and signal

These are some uncontrollable factors which may lead to hamper the dish antenna market. Such factors may impact the market in negative way which may lead to slow growth of this market.


Integration of Automobiles with Satellite Antennas

It has been observed that the demand for automobiles is increasing year by year due to rising disposable income of the individual. The antenna is now being integrated with the automobiles so that it can enable the real-time information of the vehicle. It is being used by the insurance companies in way of telematics, cab companies to manage the huge chain of vehicle for passenger transportation and many more.

The trend is shifting towards adoption of electric cars due to increasing concern towards environment and multi-tasking activities. It has been observed that electric cars have wide applicability of antenna technologies which is being connected to the satellite for its functions.

These antennas enable tracking of vehicle, enabling instruction through satellite, providing real-time information and many more functions which ease the driving experience. Although it is not being implemented at a large level but the rate of implementation will be high in the coming future.

Increasing Data Traffic and Rising Need for High Data Transmission Rate

It has been observed that there has been drastic increase in data traffic due to rapid increase in the number of connected user. The number of connected user is increasing due to high adoption rate of smart phones and smart devices across the globe. The rising number of connected users is increasing the need for high data transmission rate to eliminate the traffic and this will pull the demand for increase in satellite and dish antenna connection.

It has been estimated that by the year 2020, there will be 2.8 billion 4G-LTE connections worldwide which will be increased from 500 million in the year 2014. In the coming years the users are expecting to browse the data without any interruption in any remote area of the world and to manage this standard more and more dish antennas will need to be required.


Lack of Qualified Labour and Workforce

It has been observed that the antenna system and technologies needs adequate knowledge in the field of electronics and communication, physics, mechanics and many more. Proper training must be needed to understand the technologies, process of installation or deployment and types of antenna. According to world education news has observed that in the United States have high college dropout rates, skill gaps, and youth unemployment which needs to be focused and a high quality alternative must be implemented to develop the individual’s technical knowledge into their respective vertical.

There is lack of medium skilled individuals which mostly handles mechanical work.  According to World Economic Forum the human capital index which includes literacy as its main factor has shown that countries like Mexico and many more which are the huge market and with large area are being ranked over 50 globally. It has also been observed that there is presence of Low-Skilled Immigrants in the U.S. Labour Force

Market Trends

  • On the basis of type, the market is segmented into prime feed focus dish, offset dish antenna, dual offset dish antenna, flat antenna with built-in LNC
  • On the basis of wireless network, the market is segmented into licensed wireless and unlicensed wireless. Licensed are sub-segmented into point to point systems and point to multi-point systems. Unlicensed is sub-segmented into point to point systems which is further sub-segmented into 433-434 MHz, 902-928 MHz,1880-1900 MHz, 2483- 2500 MHz, 5150- 5350 MHz, 5725- 5775 MHz
  • On the basis of antenna type, the market is segmented into reflector antennas, aperture antennas, wire antennas. Reflector antennas are sub-segmented into type and frequency. Type under reflector antennas is further sub-segmented into corner antennas and parabolic reflector. Frequency under reflector antennas is further sub-segmented into 4.9 to 5.1 GHz, more than 5.1 GHz UP TO 5.9 GHz, more than 5.9 GHz UP TO 6.4 GHz and above 6.4 GHz. Aperture antennas are sub-segmented into horn antennas, waveguide antennas. Wire antennas are sub-segmented into monopole antennas, dipole antennas, UWB (ultra-wide band) antennas
  • On the basis of component, the market is segmented into reflectors, flat panel, feed horn, fiber reinforced polyester (FRP), LNB (low noise block) convertor, multiplexers, encoders and others
  • On the basis of frequency, the market is segmented into C band, X band, K/KA/KU band, VHF/UHF band, others
  • On the basis of antenna sizes, the market is segmented into small sized dish -60 -70 CM, medium- sized dish -90 CM, large dish -1,20 -1,50 M
  • On the basis of application, the market is segmented into marine, airborne, space, land
  • On the basis of end-user, the market is segmented into aerospace and defense, media and entertainment and industrial

Major Players: Global Dish Antennas Market

Some of the prominent participants operating in this market are Airbus S.A.S., Honeywell International Inc., MTI Wireless Edge ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Challenger Communications, C-COM Satellite Systems Inc., Global Invacom, Helander Metal, Infinite Electronics International, Inc., MARS Antennas and RF Systems, Ltd., Radio Frequency Systems, SAGE Millimeter, Inc., Ventev Wireless Infrastructure, Satmission, Belgosat bvba, GES ELECTRONIC AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC., Shaanxi Probecom Microwave Technology Co.,Ltd., and CenRF Communications Limited.