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Apr, 24 2024

Encapsulated Calcium Propionate Market Surges: Top Companies Lead with Innovations

Encapsulated calcium propionate is useful in the bakery industry which helps extending the shelf life of baked goods. Through encapsulation, calcium propionate's release is controlled, providing sustained antimicrobial activity, particularly against mold growth. This process enhances the stability and effectiveness of calcium propionate, ensuring gradual release and optimal preservation of freshness in bread, cakes, and pastries. Encapsulated calcium propionate aids bakery manufacturers in meeting consumer demands for longer-lasting products while upholding high quality and food safety standards by effectively inhibiting mold growth.

Global Encapsulated Calcium Propionate Market size was valued at USD 234,523,682.28 million in 2023 and is projected to reach USD 378,933,002.78 million by 2031, with a CAGR of 6.2% during the forecast period of 2024-2031.

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Below are the Top Encapsulated Calcium Propionate Companies with a Significant Market Share:




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Glanbia PLC

Glanbia PLC is a global nutrition group, primarily known for its dairy ingredients and nutrition products. Glanbia's diverse portfolio includes food ingredients that might incorporate calcium propionate as a preservative. Their extensive distribution network and focus on quality could make them a significant player in the calcium propionate market.

  • Calcium Propionate: Bakery Ingredients


North America, Middle East and Africa, Europe, South America, Asia-Pacific

In 2019, the Watson family and Management Team announced that Watson is now part of Glanbia Nutritionals (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Glanbia plc) a company whose values, culture, and purpose match those of Watson Inc. With their combined portfolios, expertise, and manufacturing capability, the customers had access to more technologies and products.



Balchem Corp.

Balchem Corp. is a leading provider of specialty ingredients and solutions for the food, beverage, and nutrition industries. With their expertise in encapsulation and food preservation technologies, Balchem offers products related to calcium propionate, catering to the growing demand for clean label preservatives in food products.

  • BakeShure


U.S., Europe


In August 2022, Balchem Corporation announced its acquisition of Cardinal Associates Inc., operating as "Bergstrom Nutrition,” The acquisition of Bergstrom Nutrition by Balchem Corporation brings several strategic advantages. The expanded product range provides new growth opportunities, strengthens market presence, and complements Balchem's expertise in science-backed mineral products, contributing to overall business development and success.




VEDEQSA, based in Spain, is a prominent manufacturer of calcium propionate and other food additives. Specializing in producing high-quality preservatives and ingredients for the food industry, VEDEQSA plays a crucial role in supplying calcium propionate to various food manufacturers worldwide.

  • MIRCAP Calcium propionate
  • MIRCAP Combinations of calcium propionate and sorbic acid


Europe, North America

VEDEQSA's new microencapsulated additive line for bakery, tortillas, confectionery, and meat industries stands to impact the calcium propionate market significantly. Utilizing microencapsulation technology, it enhances stability and controlled release, meeting the demand for clean label preservatives and food safety. This expansion highlights calcium propionate's pivotal role in maintaining freshness across various food sectors, driving its market growth and adoption.


PHS Life Sciences

PHS Life Sciences is a company that provides a range of specialty chemicals and ingredients, including preservatives such as calcium propionate, to the food and beverage industry. Their focus on innovation and product quality positions them as a key player in the calcium propionate market, serving the needs of manufacturers looking for effective food preservation solutions.

  • Encapsulated Calcium Propionate: Bakery Ingredients

India, U.S.

UniQ-Coat Fumaric Acid from PHS Life Sciences is a specialized product designed to extend the shelf-life of baked goods such as tortillas, wraps, English muffins, and sourdough. This innovative solution incorporates encapsulated calcium propionate, a renowned preservative in the baking industry, to effectively inhibit mold growth and maintain product freshness. With a focus on preserving flavor and texture, UniQ-Coat Fumaric Acid offers bakeries and food manufacturers a reliable way to enhance product longevity without compromising quality, making it a valuable asset in the encapsulated calcium propionate market.



TasteTech is a company known for its expertise in encapsulation technologies and flavor solutions. TasteTech offers encapsulated forms of preservatives, including calcium propionate, to enhance their stability and effectiveness in various food applications, contributing to the calcium propionate market with innovative preservation solutions.

  • Encapsulated Ingredients

North America, Middle East and Africa, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific


The Third Tastech by Sigma initiative is a business accelerator program aimed at enhancing collaboration with startups globally to revolutionize the food industry. Inviting entrepreneurs to participate in challenges focused on transforming food production, distribution, and marketing, Tastech drives innovation and develops disruptive concepts. Through this initiative, Sigma Alimentos fosters partnerships with startups to co-create and implement high-potential solutions that can shape the future of the food industry, emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurial collaboration and innovation in driving positive change, particularly within markets such as Encapsulated Calcium Propionate.


Encapsulated calcium propionate serves as a vital preservative in the baked goods industry, ensuring extended shelf life and product freshness. Key players in this sector dominate with innovative encapsulation techniques, guaranteeing optimal quality and safety standards for consumers. As demand for preserved baked products continues to rise globally, encapsulated calcium propionate remains indispensable for manufacturers seeking to meet consumer expectations for freshness and convenience while maintaining product integrity.

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