Global Human Identification Market: Technological Advancements and Development in Human Identification Enhances the Market Growth

Human Identification Market

Forensic identification is the practice of forensic science and technology to identify the specific items, often at a crime scene or an accident scene. This is very beneficial as they have the ability to find the traces that are left in an accident or crime place. Human identification is the technique which is usually used in the forensic identification. Human identification is an application of the field of life sciences that is used to examine DNA samples for forensic testing and human identification. Not only do these programs help to create a criminal database, they also help to identify people who have suffered from disasters. Some of the common applications of human identification are paternity identification, and forensic application.

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Some of the factors responsible for the growth of Human Identification Market are:

  • Increasing levels of marketing & promotional activities by the major manufacturers expanding their presence and awareness: The method of human identification is based on the detection of indentations on the suspect's fingers. Every person has their different sequence of ridges on their fingers. Also different samples can be taken from skin, hair, DNA, semen, teeth, and other. These human identifications are very beneficial are widely used in research centers, forensic laboratories, government institute, and other. So, manufacturers are using different marketing & promotional activities so they can enhance their position in the market. Companies are spending lots of money so they can create new advertising strategies and events so they can attract more consumers
  • Increasing demand for advance products and system: With improvement in the healthcare infrastructure there is availability of more advanced and developed technologies in the market. This human identification has the ability to easily analyze DNA samples and is very useful to identify object at various traced sites. With the integration of advanced software now they can easily detect samples from hairs, skin, semen among others

The global human identification market is segmented on the basis of product & service as consumables; services; instruments; & software; technology as capillary electrophoresis; microfluidics; PCR; nucleic acid purification & extraction; automated liquid handling; microarrays; NGS; rapid DNA analysis; & others; application as forensic applications; paternity identification; & others and end-user forensic laboratories; research centers, academic & government institutes.

Some of the launches and acquisition in the Human Identification Market are as follow:

  • In March 2018, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced the acquisition of IntegenX Inc. This acquisition will help the company to expand their HID portfolio and complement its leading human identification chemistry and qPCR and capillary electrophoresis systems. The IntegenX solutions consist of RapidHIT platforms, relatable consumables, and other software analysis tools which are highly compatible with the Thermo Fisher's short tandem repeat (STR) chemistries for human identification. This will help the company to strengthen their market position
  • In October 2017, QIAGEN and ICMP announced the launch of their new DNA Testing Solutions which is specially designed to identify missing person. The solution incorporates the GeneReader NGS program of QIAGEN and covers all facets of the DNA laboratory workflow. The system provides high-level capabilities to help governments locate large numbers of people who are for unintended reasons

 “According to Data Bridge Market Research, global human identification market is set to witness a healthy CAGR of 10.49% in the forecast period of 2019-2026”

Few of the major competitors currently working in the global human identification market are Thermo Fisher Scientific; QIAGEN; Promega Corporation; Agilent Technologies, Inc.; New England Biolabs; GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY; Illumina, Inc.; LGC Limited; NMS Labs; Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings; Hamilton Company; Eurofins Scientific; PerkinElmer Inc.; Tecan Trading AG; Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.; Ciro Manufacturing Corporation; Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation; Sorenson Forensics; DNA Diagnostics Center; INNOGENOMICS TECHNOLOGIES; PT&C Forensic Consulting Services P.A.; Genex Diagnostics Inc., Bode Cellmark Forensics, Inc. among others.

Availability of new advanced products increasing government initiatives for the forensic programs will enhance the market growth. Increasing hotspot for companies is also acting as a factor for the market growth. Increasing number of combinations and acquisitions of manufacturers of nuclear acid isolation and extraction consumables will also impact the market positively. These are some of the factors affecting the market growth and creating new opportunities for this market to grow.

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