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Jan, 08 2024

Ocean Elixir: Unveiling the Marvels and Applications of Transformative Marine Collagen in Beauty and Wellness

The global marine collagen market focuses on extracting and utilizing collagen sourced from marine origins, primarily fish scales and skin. This collagen is highly valued in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food supplements due to its superior bioavailability and compatibility with the human body. Categorized into type I and type III collagen, obtained from sea fish such as red snapper and salmon, marine collagen is recognized as a potent building block for robust bones, skin, and connective tissues. Its eco-friendly and sustainable sourcing, often from discarded fish parts, further contributes to its appeal.

Data Bridge Market Research shows that the Global Marine Collagen Market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 7.54% from 2022 to 2029.

"Rising demand for supplements drive the market growth"

The global marine collagen market experiences growth driven by the rising demand for supplements as a proactive approach to healthcare cost control. Consumers increasingly recognize the potential health benefits of marine collagen supplements, promoting joint health, skin elasticity, and well-being. As individuals seek preventive measures to reduce healthcare expenses in the long run, the popularity of marine collagen supplements grows, driving market expansion as a cost-effective and accessible means of supporting various aspects of health and vitality.

What restraints the growth of the global marine collagen market?

" Rise in product costs hamper the market growth"

The marine collagen market faces obstacles due to a potential rise in product costs, posing challenges to its growth shortly. Increasing production expenses, including extraction, processing, and quality control, can elevate product costs. This surge may, in turn, deter consumer adoption and limit market expansion. Higher costs could also impact the competitiveness of marine collagen products compared to alternative sources, hindering the market's ability to maintain affordability and widespread appeal.

Segmentation: Global Marine Collagen Market

The global marine collagen market is segmented on the basis of type, source, functionality, animals, and application.

  • On the basis of type, the global marine collagen market is segmented into type I, type II, type III, type IV
  • On the basis of source, the global marine collagen market is segmented into plant, seaweed, animal, microbial, and synthetic
  • On the basis of functionality, the global marine collagen market is segmented into skin, scales, and muscles, bones and tendons, and others
  • On the basis of animals, the global marine collagen market is segmented into fish and others
  • On the basis of application, the global marine collagen market are segmented into medical, nutraceuticals, cosmetics , and others

 Regional Insights: Asia-Pacific dominates the Global Marine Collagen Market

Asia-Pacific dominates the global marine collagen market, driven by rising demand for health drinks and supplements. The region's thriving cosmetics industry and evolving consumer buying patterns are poised to amplify the market's growth during the forecast period. The substantial uptake of marine collagen, particularly in health and beauty-related products, underscores Asia-Pacific's pivotal role as a key market player. The convergence of health-conscious trends and cosmetic preferences solidifies the region's position at the forefront of the marine collagen market.

North America is expected to dominate the global marine collagen market, experiencing substantial growth. The region benefits from increased availability of fish at lower prices, particularly advantageous for local industries. The flourishing collagen industry in North America further contributes to the region's anticipated growth in the marine collagen market. This trend is expected to persist in the coming years, highlighting North America's pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the marine collagen market on a global scale.

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The Prominent Key Players Operating in the Global Marine Collagen Market Include:

  • ProPlenish  (Australia)
  • Vital Proteins LLC.   (U.S.)
  • Certified Nutraceuticals Inc.   (U.S.)
  • Nutrawise Health & Beauty Corporation   (U.S.)
  • Norland Products Inc.   (U.S.)
  • Darling Ingredients Inc.  (U.S.)
  • ETChem  (South Korea)
  • Vinh Hoan Corporation  (Vietnam)
  • COBIOSA  (Spain)
  • Ashland   (U.S.)
  • LAPI GROUP SpA (Italy)
  • SAS Gelatines Weishardt  (France)
  • HiMedia Laboratories  (India)
  • Seagarden AS  (Norway)
  • Nitta Gelatin Inc.  (Japan)
  • Amicogen, Inc.  (South Korea)
  • Nippi. Inc.  (Japan)
  • BHN Co., Ltd.  (South Korea)
  • Juncà Gelatines SL  (Spain)
  • HUM Nutrition Inc.  (U.S.)

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Research Methodology: Global Marine Collagen Market

Data collection and base year analysis are done using data collection modules with large sample sizes. The market data is analyzed and estimated using market statistical and coherent models. In addition, market share analysis and key trend analysis are the major success factors in the market report. The key research methodology used by DBMR research team is data triangulation which involves data mining, analysis of the impact of data variables on the market, and primary (industry expert) validation. Apart from this, data models include Vendor Positioning Grid, Market Time Line Analysis, Market Overview and Guide, Company Positioning Grid, Company Market Share Analysis, Standards of Measurement, global vs Regional and Vendor Share Analysis. Please request analyst call in case of further inquiry.

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