Global Oral Irrigator Market: Protecting the Teeth from Dental Disorders

Global Oral Irrigator Market

An oral irrigator is a home care tool that utilizes a pulsating water stream to remove plaque and food debris between the teeth and below the gum and enhance gingival health. If they are used every day they have the ability to improve the gingival health. These devices also have the ability to provide easy cleaning of dental implants and braces. They are helpful for cleaning fields that are difficult to reach and can assist to decrease gingivitis. They can’t remove plaque but can remove the food and debris which are stuck between the teeth. They are mainly of two types cordless and countertop.

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Some of the factors responsible for the growth of this market are:

  • Increasing number of population suffering from dental disorders especially dental caries: Dental caries is one of the most common problems which are faced by the large number of population. When you consume certain foods the bacteria on your teeth break them down and produce acids which can seriously harm your tooth's tough tissues and can cause cavity. Consuming large amount of sugar & starches and not cleaning teeth properly are the factor which can cause dental caries. This problem is preventable if proper oral hygiene is maintained
  • Growing awareness amongst the population regarding the benefits and features of the product: Oral irrigation is a much simpler, more efficient and faster way to clean your teeth than flossing because the streams of water can reach far into the mouth, enabling you to access all regions of the mouth. They have the ability to decrease the toxicity and thickness of the plaque. Using oral irrigation helps in improving the gum health. They are available in different models. They are very beneficial as they maintain the oral health and decrease the chances of different dental problems

The global oral irrigator market is segmented on the basis of type which is further segmented as countertop, and cordless; application which is segmented as home and dentistry and distribution channel is segmented as direct sales and distributor.

Some of the launches and acquisition by some of the prominent players in the market are as follow:

  • In September 2017, The American Dental Association (ADA) that they have approved the five series of the Oral-B Oscillating-Rotating-Pulsating Power Toothbrush. These new products are considered to be effective and safe to remove plaque and decrease the gingivitis. With this acceptance dentist can recommend these toothbrushes to the patients
  • In March 2019, Xiaomi announced the launch of an oral irrigator through their crowdfunding platform, “Soocas” whose entire focus is developing oral healthcare products. The product termed as “W3 Portable Oral Irrigator” is priced at approximately USD 40 in China and is reportedly the cheapest alternative available in the region. The portable oral irrigator offers three modes capable of operating for approximately 30 days from last charging

“According to Data Bridge Market Research, global oral irrigator market is expected to rise to an estimated value of USD 1041.70 million by 2026, registering a substantial CAGR in the forecast period of 2019-2026”

Few of the major competitors currently working in the global oral irrigator market are Procter & Gamble; Church & Dwight Co., Inc.; Panasonic Corporation of North America; Koninklijke Philips N.V.; Jetpik; Aquapick Sdn. Bhd.; Conair Corporation; Hydro Floss; h2ofloss limited; ToiletTree Products, Inc.; Candeon Technologies Co.,Ltd.; Pursonic; Shenzhen Risun Technology Co.,Ltd; Oratec Corp; Liberex; Nicefeel; Gurin Products LLC; Proscenic; Water Powered srl and Prizma among others.

Oral irrigators are widely used by the people with dental implants, braces and bridgework as they can reach to the areas where flosses can’t reach. They can easily remove the food particles which are trapped in the braces and bridgework. They help in maintaining the oral health and decrease the chances of dental problem as well. This is the factor due to which it is facing high demand in the market.