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Jul, 10 2024

Driving Innovation: Top Key Players Transforming the VDES Landscape

The VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) is a maritime communication system leveraging Very High Frequency (VHF) radio waves. It facilitates high-speed data exchange between ships and shore stations, enabling applications such as vessel tracking and maritime safety information dissemination. One significant application of VDES is in maritime traffic management and navigation, where it enhances safety by providing real-time updates on vessel positions, weather conditions, and navigational hazards. This system enables efficient traffic management in busy waterways, reducing the risk of collisions and improving overall maritime operations efficiency.

Global VHF Data Exchange System Market is projected to reach USD 424,875.96 thousand by 2030 and will grow at a CAGR of 16.1% during the forecast period of 2023-2030.

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Below are the Top VHF Data Exchange System companies with a Significant Market Share:




Product Portfolio

Sales Geographical Coverage




 A leading provider of maritime technology solutions, Kongsberg offers VDES-compatible communication systems and equipment. Their solutions cater to vessel-to-vessel and vessel-to-shore communication needs, ensuring reliable data exchange for maritime traffic management and safety.

  • AIS Space Receiver
  • K-IMS


Europe, Middle East and Africa, South America, North America, and Asia-Pacific

In June 2022, KONGSBERG and Berge Bulk signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly develop and advance the deployment of decarbonisation technologies on board dry bulk cargo vessels. This will be used to advance the integration of emerging and existing technologies into deployable marine solutions. This will help the company to enter into more partnerships in the future which will provide a platform for them to showcase their unique offerings. This collaboration signifies growth of maritime segment as well as global VHF data exchange system (VDES) market.


Saab AB

Saab AB is known for its expertise in defense and security solutions, including VDES technology. They develop VDES-capable communication systems for maritime applications, focusing on robustness, security, and interoperability to meet the demands of defense and commercial maritime sectors.

  • R60 VDES Base Station
  • Maritime Control – VTMIS (Vessel Traffic Management Information System)

Europe, Middle East and Africa, South America, North America, and Asia-Pacific

In March 2022, Saab has received an order to deliver 32 type approved R6 Supreme Automatic Identification System/ VHF Data Exchange System (AIS/VDES) ship transponders to the Danish company Sternula ApS. This partnership helped Global VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) Market to expand and sustain in future.


CML Microcircuits

CML Microcircuits specializes in semiconductor solutions for communication systems, including those used in VDES. They provide integrated circuits and components essential for building VDES transceivers, ensuring efficient and reliable data transmission in maritime environments.

  • VDES1000 – VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) Module
  • CMX885 – Marine VHF Audio and Signaling Processor
  • CMX7045- AIS-SART Processor

Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific

In November 2017, CML Microcircuits announced the launch of their new VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) module. It uses a Software Defined Radio (SDR) solution and is integrated with cutting edge technology that has digitised the whole maritime band between 156.025 – 162.025 MHz. This has helped the company to expand their marine communication product portfolio which has earned higher revenues for them.



ORBCOMM offers satellite and terrestrial communication solutions for various industries, including maritime. In the context of VDES, ORBCOMM provides satellite-based communication services that complement VHF radio networks, extending coverage and reliability for maritime data exchange. Their solutions enhance the reach and resilience of VDES-enabled communication networks for global maritime operations.


Europe, Middle East and Africa, Americas, and Asia-Pacific

In October 2022, ORBCOMM announced that the company it has been awarded by a contract by a U.S. government agency for its global Automatic Identification System (AIS) data services. This is estimated to allow the company to expand its market reachability under global VHF data exchange system (VDES) market and strengthen its offered products as well.


In the VHF data exchange system (VDES) market is driven by key players such as Kongsberg, Saab AB, CML Microcircuits, and ORBCOMM, each contributing unique expertise and solutions to advance maritime communication and safety. These companies play pivotal roles in developing and supplying VDES-compatible technologies, ranging from communication systems and equipment to semiconductor components and satellite services. As the maritime industry continues to prioritize efficient traffic management and enhanced safety measures, the contributions of these top players will remain instrumental in shaping the future of VDES adoption and its impact on global maritime operations.

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