Global WEB Analytics Market: A New Strategy for the Businesses to Analyse Customer Behavior

Global WEB Analytics Market

Web analytics is a process which is specially designed for the companies and organization so that they can analyze the behavior of their visitors. The main aim of the web analytics is to help the business so that they can attract more users and increase the performance of their companies. They are usually a part of the customer relationship management analytics. Web analytics combines both qualitative and quantitative data so that t easily analyze the on- site and off- line data and trends.  They mainly analyses the website traffics, customer viewpoint and opinions. The main objective of web analytics is to promote the specific product to the customer who is more likely to buy them and to analyze that which product interests customer the most.

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Few of the factors which are driving the growth of this market are as follows:

  • Improving performance of web analytics solutions: In simple words, web analytics is the study of the online behavior of the customers. It helps the organization to analyze the number of visitors, page views, action taken on page, traffic and others. This is very important tool as it helps the marketer to understand the visitor’s interest and preferences. Web analytics can measure different key performance indicators which can help marketers to drive their business.  This helps them to improve their market plans and also help them to increase their revenue generation
  • Rising growth in aligning organizational core work with business objectives: Web analytics helps the business to understand their customer and help them to increase their sales and generate revenue. They help the businesses to know about who are their target audience, what is their gender, age and other relevant information which can be used by them to make strong business strategies and expand their business faster. Then it will be easier for the businesses to reach their objectives

The market is based on solution, service, deployment type, application and geographical segments. The solution is segmented into search engine tracking & ranking, heat map analytics, marketing automation and behavior based targeting; service is segmented into professional services and support and maintenance; deployment type is segmented into cloud and on-premises and application into social media management targeting & behavioral analysis, targeting & behavioral analysis, multichannel campaign analysis and performance monitoring.

Some of the launches which helped the market to expand them are as follow

  • In December 2018, Microsoft announced the launch of their new clarity analytic tool so that one can A/B test easily and can analyse the user behavior and experience on the site. The company is planning to use AI so one can spot JavaScript errors and see strange click behavior. This new tool can work on any HTML webpage.
  • In April 2015, AnswerDash announced the launch of their analytics features that is specially designed so that they can analyze the user behavior easily. It will allow the companies to use AnswerDash analytics so that they can analyze the customer behavior on their website and applications. This will help them to understand and respond their customers online better and help them to make the necessary changes

 “According to Data Bridge Market Research, global web analytics market is expected to reach USD 5.1 billion by 2025 at a healthy CAGR in the forecast period of 2018 to 2025”

The renowned players in web analytics market are Adobe Systems, IBM, Teradata, SAS TABLEAU SOFTWARE. Limited., Google, MicroStrategy Incorporated., AT INTERNET, Clicktale, Woopra, Mixpanel, Upsight, Netbiscuits among others.

Web analytics plays a very important part in the businesses as it helps them to understand their customer better and to analyze that which service or product is attracting their customers the most. Today, these web analytics is used in various industries including BFSI, travel and hospitality, media and entertainment, telecommunication, IT and others. There main function is to maximize the e-commerce and online activities which helps in creating new opportunities for this market.