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Secunet, Dermalog Identification Systems Gmbh, Idemia is Dominating the Global Automated Border Control Market in 2018


The company was established in 1997, headquarters at Essen, Germany. The company engaged in providing solutions in the terms of products and services for IT security. The company has business segments such as public sectors and business sectors. The company offered several product categories such as secure networks, security management & certifications, secure authentication, state safety and task of public authorities. The company has its presence in domestic and abroad.  Subsidiaries of Secunet Companies include Secunet Service GmbH, Essen, Secunet International GmbH & Co. KG, Essen, Secunet International Management GmbH, Essen; Secunet SwissIT AG, Switzerland, Solothurn; Secunet s.r.o. Czech Republic, Prague.

  • In December, at the 5th Border Management and Identity Conference in Bangkok, Secunet has presented its eID PKI (Public-Key Infrastructures) suite.

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Dermalog Identification Systems Gmbh:

DERMALOG IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS GMBH was founded in 1984 at Hamburg, Germany.  DERMALOG IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS GMBH focuses on manufacturing biometric identification systems. The company focuses on products and solutions such as software, hardware, services and turnkey solutions (Government & commercial). The company has its presence in Germany.

  • In March, DERMALOG introduced fastest software for biometric face matching to the market which works at speed of 100 million matches per second on a single blade. This face matching application can be used in multiple applications, all types of monitoring systems and criminal verification at border control.


Founded in 2007, headquarters at Courbevoie, France. The company engaged in developing and providing augmented identity solutions. The company focuses on Financial Institutions, Mobile Operators, Connected Objects, Citizen Identity, Public Security, Identity & Security, N.A. The company has approximately 14000 employees. The company is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 10668 certified. The company has its presence in America, Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe and others.

  • In December, Idemia offered eSim connected watches to all its subscribers in Thailand by providing subscription management platform to dtac. This solution by Idemia is scalable for the continuously changing market trends to support dtac.

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