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Crossmatch, Hid Global Corporation, Nuance Communications, Inc is Dominating the Market for Global Biometric as a Service in Healthcare Market in 2018


The company was established in 1996, headquarters at florida, U.S. The company engaged in providing risk based composite authentication and biometric identity management. The company offered several product and solution categories such as authentication, ID management, SDK, fingerprint readers (LIVESCAN), fingerprints modules, modlues/portable. The company has its presence in North America, Asia- Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa.  

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HID GLOBAL CORPORATION was founded in 1991 at Texas,. U.S.  The company focuses on offering digoital and physical environment to universities, hospitals, governments and financial institutions connected through HID technology. The company consists of 3,000 employees.. The company has its presence in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia- Pacific, South America and North America.


Founded in 1992, headquarters at Massachusetts, U.S. The company engaged in development of multi-modal biometric authentication. The company business categories consist of professional services and hosting, product & licensing and maintenance & support. The company has approximately 11600 employees. The company has its presence in Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. The subsidiaries consist of Nuance communications, loquendro, Dictaphone, inQ, Ecopy, Speechworks and many others.

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