Von Roll Holding AG, TAIFLEX Scientific Co., Ltd. and TORAY INDUSTRIES, INC. are Dominating the Global Polyimide Films Market in 2020

Global Polyimide Films Market is expected to grow with the CAGR of 7.3% in the forecast period of 2021 to 2028. The years considered for study are as mentioned below.

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Global polyimide films market is a highly consolidated market, which includes specific number of key players as well as local players. The market has witnessed increased strategic developments owing to favourable market scenario.

The major players dealing in polyimide films market are introducing strong range of product portfolio. This helped companies to maximize the sales with enhanced product portfolio. For instance,

  • In September 2020, UBE INDUSTRIES,LTD. announced an agreement with Mitsubishi materials for cement and other related business. This will help UBE Industries, Inc to gain a competitive share in market with in generation of more revenue for UBE Industries, Inc.

Von Roll Holding AG is the dominating player in global polyimide films market. The other key players existing in the market are Saint-Gobain, 3M DuPont, NITTO DENKO CORPORATION, Parafix Tapes & Conversions Ltd., TORAY INDUSTRIES, INC, TAIMIDE, UBE INDUSTRIES,LTD., Polyonics, Industrial Summit Technology Corp, Evertech Envisafe Ecology Co., Ltd, TAIFLEX Scientific Co., Ltd., Kolon Industries, Inc., DUNMORE, Boyd Corporation, MITSUBISHI GAS CHEMICAL COMPANY among others.

Polyimide Films MarketVon Roll Holding AG

Von Roll Holding AG founded in 1803. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of products and system for the generation of power, transmission serving varied industrial applications. The company offers various products such as Mica Products for Electrical Insulation, Resins and Varnishes, Machined Parts, Auxiliary Materials, Flexible Materials, Composites, Mica Products for Thermal Insulation, Corona Protection and the market focused product is Flexible Materials. The company has wide global presence across the globe such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific. The company also generates its revenue from various subsidiaries such as John C. Dolph Company (U.S.), Von Roll Schweiz Ag (Switzerland), ALBESIANO SISA vernici s.r.l. (Italy), Von Roll UK Ltd (U.K.), Von Roll Reach Gmbh (Germany), among others.

 For instance,

  • In February 2020, Von Roll Holding AG launched a solution CDM and Durapol for printed circuit board production. This will help rise in revenue of Von Roll Holding AG.

TAIFLEX Scientific Co., Ltd.

TAIFLEX Scientific Co., Ltd founded in 1997. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of green energy products to protect the environment. The company offers electronics materials. The company has wide global presence in Taiwan, Mainland China, U.S. The company also generates its revenue from various subsidiaries such as Koatech Technology Corporation (Japan), Kunshan Taiflex Electronic Material Co., LTD (Jiangsu), Taiflex Scientific Japan Co., Ltd(Japan), Taistar Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), Taiflex Scientific (Kunshan) Co., Ltd (Kunshan), Kunshan Koatech Technology Corporation (China).

For instance,

  • In September 2020, Taiflex Scientific Co., Ltd. announced the renaming of the subsidiary Taiflex Scientific (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. as Kunshan Taiflex Electronic Co., Ltd. This will give 100 percent holding share to Taiflex Scientific Co., Ltd. with a rise in value of sales and revenue of Taiflex Scientific Co., Ltd.


TORAY INDUSTRIES, INC. founded in 1926 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of synthetic fibers with an array of chemical oriented sectors such as plastics, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The company offers various business categories such as Fibers & Textiles, Performance Chemicals, Carbon Fiber Composite Materials, Environment & Engineering, Life Sciences, Others and the market focused category is Performance Chemicals. The company has wide global presence in Asia, Europe, The Americas and Middle East and Africa. The company also generates its revenue from various subsidiaries such as Toray Medical Company Limited (Japan), Toray Construction Co., Ltd. (Japan), CHORI CO., LTD. (Japan), Zoltek (U.S.), Soda Aromatic Co., Ltd. (Japan), among others.

For instance,

  • In December 2020, TORAY INDUSTRIES, INC. won an award for Excellent Green Logistics Commendation Program under collaboration with UPR Corporation at Green Logistics Partnership Conference. This will help in reduction of C02 emissions and reduction in loading and unloading time for the product. This will increase the sales and revenue with rise in goodwill of TORAY INDUSTRIES, INC.