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Jan, 05 2024

Unraveling Cyber Mysteries: The Crucial Role of Digital Forensics in Safeguarding Today's Digital Landscape and Ensuring Cyber Resilience

Digital forensics provides a systematic approach to uncovering and analyzing digital evidence. It helps in understanding the scope and nature of security incidents, identifying perpetrators, and aiding in legal proceedings. Digital forensics ensures the integrity of digital evidence, supporting the resolution of data breaches, fraud, and other cyber threats. Its significance extends to regulatory compliance, helping organizations adhere to data protection laws and industry standards. It facilitates incident response and post-incident analysis; digital forensics enhances overall cybersecurity preparedness and contributes to a proactive stance against evolving cyber threats.

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Data Bridge Market Research analyses the North America Digital Forensics Market was valued at USD 2.02 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 5.03 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 12.1% during the forecast period of 2023-2030. The surge in the frequency and sophistication of cyber threats is a major driver for the North America digital forensics market.

Key Findings of the Study

North America Digital Forensics Market

A rise in awareness about cybersecurity risks is expected to drive the market's growth rate

The heightened awareness of cybersecurity risks among organizations and government entities is a pivotal driver in the North America digital forensics market. Recognizing the importance of proactive measures, there is a notable surge in investments towards digital forensics solutions. This strategic allocation of resources serves as a preemptive approach, allowing entities to identify, mitigate, and prevent potential security incidents before they escalate. As the threat landscape evolves, this growing consciousness underscores the necessity for robust digital forensics capabilities, positioning it as a critical component in safeguarding against cyber threats and ensuring the resilience of digital ecosystems in North America.

Report Scope and Market Segmentation

Report Metric


Forecast Period

2023 to 2030

Base Year


Historic Years

2021 (Customizable to 2015-2020)

Quantitative Units

Revenue in USD Million, Volumes in Units, Pricing in USD

Segments Covered

Component (Hardware, Software and Tools, Services), Type (Computer Forensics, Mobile Device Forensics, Network Forensics, Database Forensics, Malware Forensics, Email Forensics, Automotive Forensics, Drone Forensics, Others), Application (Fraud Investigations, Intellectual Property Theft, Industrial Espionage, Forgery-Related Matters, Bankruptcy Investigations, Issues Concern with the Regulatory Compliance, Employment Disputes, Inappropriate Use of the Internet and Email in the Workplace), Industry (Government and Defense, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, Telecom and IT, Retail, Transportation and Logistics, Law Firms, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Others), Mode of Purchase (Group Purchase, Individual), Touch Distribution Channel (Third Party Distributor, Retail Sales, Online Sales, Others)

Countries Covered

U.S., Canada and Mexico in North America

Market Players Covered

Cellebrite (Israel), MSAB (Sweden), Oxygen Forensics (U.S.), Digital Forensics Corporation (U.S.), Digital Detective Group Limited (U.K.), Barracuda Networks, Inc. (U.S.), Open Text Corporation (Canada), LogRhythm, Inc. (U.S.), Kroll, LLC (U.S.), Magnet Forensics (Canada), NUIX (Australia), Flatworld Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (India), Fire Eye, Inc. (U.S.), Coalfire (U.S.), Paraben Corporation (U.S.), iDiscovery Solutions, Inc. (U.S.), PT&C Forensic Consulting Services P.A. (U.S.), Grayshift (U.S.), LIFARS (U.S.), Passware (U.S.), TCS Forensics (Canada), PwC (U.K.), Exterro, Inc. (U.S.), IBM Corporation (U.S.), ADF Digital Forensics (U.S.), Binary Intelligence, LLC (U.S.), KLDiscovery (U.S.), Optiv Security Inc. (U.S.)

Data Points Covered in the Report

In addition to the insights on market scenarios such as market value, growth rate, segmentation, geographical coverage, and major players, the market reports curated by the Data Bridge Market Research also include in-depth expert analysis, geographically represented company-wise production and capacity, network layouts of distributors and partners, detailed and updated price trend analysis and deficit analysis of supply chain and demand.

Segment Analysis:

The North America digital forensics market is segmented on the basis of component, type, application, industry, mode of purchase and touch distribution channel.

  • On the basis of component, the North America digital forensics market is segmented into hardware, software and tools, and services
  • On the basis of type, the North America digital forensics market is segmented into computer forensics, mobile device forensics, network forensics, database forensics, malware forensics, email forensics, automotive forensics, drone forensics, and others
  • On the basis of application, the North America digital forensics market is segmented into fraud investigations, intellectual property theft, industrial espionage, forgery-related matters, bankruptcy investigations, issues concern with the regulatory compliance, employment disputes, inappropriate use of the internet and email in the workplace
  • On the basis of industry, the North America digital forensics market is segmented into government and defense, banking, financial services, and insurance, telecom and IT, retail, transportation and logistics, law firms, healthcare, media and entertainment, and others
  • On the basis of mode of purchase, the North America digital forensics market is segmented into group purchase, and individual
  • On the basis of touch distribution channel, the North America digital forensics market is segmented into third party distributor, retail sales, online sales, and others

Major Players

Data Bridge Market Research recognizes the following companies as the major North America digital forensics market players in North America digital forensics market are Cellebrite (Israel), MSAB (Sweden), Oxygen Forensics (U.S.), Digital Forensics Corporation (U.S.), Digital Detective Group Limited (U.K.), Barracuda Networks, Inc. (U.S.)

North America Digital Forensics Market

Market Developments

  • Product Launch: In September 2023, SentinelOne launched a solution known as Singularity RemoteOps Forensics. Specifically designed for incident response and evidence acquisition, this innovative solution seamlessly integrates forensics evidence with real-time telemetry. By doing so, it provides security analysts with comprehensive insights into security incidents. The synergy of forensics evidence and immediate telemetry empowers analysts to efficiently and swiftly conduct investigations and response activities, enhancing the overall efficacy of cybersecurity measures
  • Collaboration: In September 2023, a prominent player in AI-powered eDiscovery, review, and investigations platforms, announced a strategic collaboration with CBIT Digital Forensics Services (CDFS), specialists in forensics data. The collaboration aims to deliver enhanced eDiscovery solutions and tools to legal and corporate clients globally. Leveraging Reveal's AI-powered platform, CDFS is poised to optimize the eDiscovery process, providing clients with unparalleled expertise and technological capabilities. This collaboration reflects a concerted effort to advance the field of digital forensics and meet the evolving needs of legal and corporate entities on a global scale
  • Acquisition: In January 2021, LogRhythm, backed by private equity firm ThomaBravo, made a significant move by acquiring MistNet. This strategic acquisition was aimed at fortifying security information and event management through the integration of cloud-based analytics, network visibility, and threat detection capabilities. The synergy between LogRhythm and MistNet enables users to deliver intelligent, machine learning-based detection and response capabilities. This includes network detection, user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), endpoint detection and response data (EDR), and additional MITRE ATT&CK detections, addressing both current and emerging security and risk challenges
  • Collaboration: In September 2020, FireEye, Inc. forged a collaboration with the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR). The primary objective of this partnership is to provide cybersecurity defense to public sector agencies in Texas. This collaboration was prompted by the escalating cyber threats faced by state and local municipalities. With ransomware attacks posing a significant threat to high-availability organizations, such as state departments, this collaboration enhances FireEye's presence and reinforces its commitment to bolstering cybersecurity measures in the U.S.
  • Acquisition: In March 2020, Open Text Corporation made a strategic move by acquiring XMedius, a Canadian provider of secure information exchange and unified communication solutions. This acquisition enabled Open Text to incorporate patented technologies aimed at transforming secure and collaborative communication. Additionally, it facilitated organizations in transitioning more workloads to the cloud, unlocking the information advantage. This strategic acquisition further solidified Open Text's leadership in secure information exchange, unified communications, and digital fax technologies

Regional Analysis

Geographically, the countries covered in the North America digital forensics market report are U.S., Canada and Mexico in North America

As per Data Bridge Market Research analysis:

The U.S. is estimated to be the fastest growing region in North America digital forensics market in the forecast period 2023-2030

The U.S. is expected to dominate substantial growth from 2023 to 2030, due to technological advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT) within office environments. As offices increasingly incorporate IoT technologies, the digital landscape expands, necessitating advanced digital forensics capabilities to address cybersecurity challenges effectively. The escalating demand for security and safety systems further contributes to the market's growth. Organizations and individuals, cognizant of the rising cyber threats, are embracing digital forensics solutions to investigate, analyze, and respond to security breaches comprehensively.

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