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Aug, 24 2023

Embracing a Healthier Choice: Introducing Nutritious Oat Milk - A Dairy-Free Delight

Oat milk has versatile applications, serving as a dairy milk substitute in various recipes, beverages, and cooking. Its features include a creamy texture, mild taste, and nutritional benefits. Rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, oat milk promotes heart health and aids digestion. It's an excellent source of nutrients for vegans, lactose-intolerant individuals, and those seeking plant-based alternatives. Used in coffee, smoothies, cereal, and baking, oat milk's widespread adoption is driven by its ability to enhance flavors while offering a wholesome, allergen-friendly, and environmentally sustainable choice.

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Data Bridge Market Research analyses that the U.K. Oat Milk Market is registering a CAGR of 40.8% during the forecast period of 2022 to 2029. The rise in plant-based diets and consumer demand for non-dairy options has fueled the popularity of oat milk as a dairy milk substitute. Oat milk's nutritional profile, creamy texture, and versatility make it an appealing choice for those seeking a plant-based alternative to traditional dairy milk.

Key Findings of the Study

U.K. Oat Milk Market

Lactose intolerance and dairy allergies are expected to drive the market's growth rate

The increasing prevalence of lactose intolerance and dairy allergies has prompted consumers to seek lactose-free and allergen-friendly alternatives such as oat milk. Oat milk provides a suitable option for individuals who cannot consume dairy products due to lactose intolerance or dairy allergies. It offers a creamy texture and similar taste to dairy milk without containing lactose or common dairy allergens, making it a popular choice for those with dietary restrictions or sensitivities.

Report Scope and Market Segmentation

Report Metric


Forecast Period

2022 to 2029

Base Year


Historic Years

2020 (Customizable to 2014-2019)

Segments Covered

Product Type (Refrigerated Oat Milk and Shelf Stable Oat Milk), Category (Organic and Conventional), Formulation (Sweetened and Unsweetened), Flavor (Unflavored/Original and Flavored), Claim (Regular/No Claim, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Artificial Preservatives and Color Free, and Others), Fortification (Regular and Fortified), Packaging Type (Tetra Packs, Bottles, and Can), Packaging Size (Less Than 100 Ml, 110 Ml, 250 Ml, 500 Ml, 1000 Ml, and More Than 1000 Ml), Distribution Channel (Store Based Retailers and Non-Store Retailers)

Market Players Covered

Alpro (Belgium), Plenish (U.K.), OATSOME (U.S.), Minor Figures (U. K.), Planted (Switzerland), OATO (U.S.), GLEBE FARM (U.K.), RUDE HEALTH (U.K.), OATLY (Sweden), Valsoia S.p.A (Italy).

Data Points Covered in the Report

In addition to the insights on market scenarios such as market value, growth rate, segmentation, geographical coverage, and major players, the market reports curated by the Data Bridge Market Research also include depth expert analysis, patient epidemiology, pipeline analysis, pricing analysis, and regulatory framework

Segment Analysis:

The U.K. oat milk market is segmented on the basis of product type, category, formulation, flavor, claim, fortification, packaging type, packaging size, and distribution channel.

  • On the basis of product type, the U.K. oat milk market is segmented into refrigerated oat milk and shelf stable oat milk.
  • On the basis of category, the U.K. oat milk market is segmented into organic and conventional.
  • On the basis of formulation, the U.K. oat milk market is segmented into unsweetened and sweetened.
  • On the basis of flavor, the U.K. oat milk market is segmented into unflavored/original and flavored.
  • On the basis of fortification, the U.K. oat milk market is segmented into regular and fortified.
  • On the basis of the claim, the U.K. oat milk market is segmented into regular/no claim, gluten free, nut free, artificial preservatives and color free, and others.
  • On the basis of packaging size, the U.K. oat milk market is segmented into less than 100 ml, 110 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, and more than 1000 ml.
  • On the basis of packaging type, the U.K. oat milk market is segmented into tetra packs, bottles, and can
  • On the basis of distribution channel, the U.K. oat milk market is segmented into store based retailers and non-store retailers.

Major Players

Data Bridge Market Research recognizes the following companies as the major U.K. oat milk market players in U.K. oat milk  market are Alpro (Belgium), Plenish (U.K.), OATSOME (U.S.), Minor Figures (U. K.), Planted (Switzerland), OATO (U.S.), GLEBE FARM (U.K.), RUDE HEALTH (U.K.), OATLY (Sweden), Valsoia S.p.A (Italy)

U.K. Oat Milk Market

Market Developments

  • In April 2022, Plenish recently unveiled premium packaging for their range of plant-based milk, juices, and shots products. The new packaging features eye-catching on-pack imagery that highlights the products' ingredients and introduces warm colors. This strategic update has significantly expanded their consumer base, leading to increased revenue for the company.
  • In March 2022, Minor Figures is set to introduce a new chilled range of oat-based milk. The company has secured a listing for three existing SKUs from Tesco, the largest grocer in the U.K. To support the launch, Minor Figures will conduct a national advertising campaign. This strategic expansion has not only enriched their product portfolio but also enabled them to attract a considerable consumer base.
  • In November 2021, Danone recently revealed plans to convert its dairy facility into primarily an oat milk production plant. The transformation is set to commence in 2022, with Alpro, a Danone subsidiary, expected to begin oat milk production in the revamped facility in 2023. This strategic move has enabled the company to boost its production capacity to meet the escalating demand for oat milk from consumers.

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